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Bracha Goetz

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Bracha Goetz Author of 30 books to help children’s souls shine:

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Work and motherhood: Can you really not do it all?

Goetz is a Harvard-educated author of over thirty children’s books. Her first published piece was a poem that appeared in McCall’s magazine when she won a “Junior McCall’s” contest as a twelve-year-old. Years later, she helped coordinate and contributed an essay to the anthology, Women Look at Biology Looking at Women, while at Harvard, which became a text for many women’s studies courses nationwide. In addition, she writes articles for many newspapers and magazines and has had essays published in Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies and Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood. She also coordinates a Big Brother, Big Sister Program for Jewish Community Services in Baltimore, Maryland.

Searching for God in the Garbage 

Published by Argus Publishing

Bracha Goetz’s memoir, Searching for God in the Garbage, is an extremely candid chronicle of how the author became an observant Jew and overcame anorexia, told through actual diary entries and letters, spanning through the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Searching for God in the Garbage reflects changes in both the inner and outer world of the Goetz during these exciting and turbulent times. The reader experiences the loss of her innocence through adolescence, struggles with increasingly riskier behaviors, and the emergence of a gradually developing anorexia.

Groundbreaking insights are realized, impacting her recovery from a wide range of addictions. The thesis of this psychological and spiritual detective book is that eating disorders stem from hungry souls. As demonstrated through the author’s recovery and eventual epiphany, these destructive traits are simply desperate cravings for spiritual nourishment.

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