Stephen Paul Sayers

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Stephen Paul Sayers holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts. He spent his first thirty-five years in New England before joining the University of Missouri as a research professor. When he’s not in his laboratory, Sayers spends his time devouring his favorite forms of genre fiction—suspense, thriller, and horror.

As a twelve-year-old boy sitting under a lime green beach umbrella on the sands of Cape Cod, he discovered a new world. It was the 70s—was the lime green umbrella a giveaway?—and Edgar Rice Burroughs was taking him to Venus on a regular basis. The sci-fi series hijacked his imagination and Frazetta’s scantily-clad, knife-wielding princess and mythical-beast cover art dazzled his senses. A year later, he wandered into Salem’s Lot and nothing was ever the same again. He discovered two lives: the one he lived and the one he fell into with each page turned.

While his published research articles and scientific book chapters reflect the logic and precision of left brain thinking, the right brain has roared back with a vengeance. Decades after he went to Venus, Sayers found himself once again on the sands of Cape Cod—sans lime green umbrella—with a story that would not leave his head. He tried to ignore it, but the characters called to him, begging him to let them out. On a dare from his daughter, he began writing. He spent the next eighteen months glued to his computer, possessed to create the first in a series of Cape Cod supernatural thrillers. A Taker of ‘Morrows is Sayers’s first novel, but he hears the characters calling, begging for a sequel.

Stephen Paul Sayers lives and writes in Columbia, Missouri (and Cape Cod) with his wife and two children.


A Taker of ‘Morrows (available for acquisition)

Mock cover by Stephen Paul Sayers

College professor Robert “RG” Granville comes home from a challenging day at work to learn he’ll be dead in twenty-four hours. In his dark living room lounges a stranger waiting to deliver a devastating message and a warning: “Death has come for you.”

RG quickly learns the stranger is a caretaker from the afterlife, his lifelong guardian and protector, here to take his soul to the next world. RG has a loving wife, a baby on the way, and the promise of a fulfilling life he can’t leave behind. But deaths are scheduled and schedules must be kept.

Defying his predetermined death, RG hatches a desperate plan to stay alive, no matter the price. He finds himself the target of a “jumper” called the burning man — a dark and ruthless killer who leaps back and forth between worlds to prey on the living — but discovers an unexpected ally in his wife, Kacey, whose long dormant ‘otherworldly’ powers are awakened within her.

Together, this unlikely duo is called upon to defeat the reckless and vengeful burning man, not only stay alive, but protect the world from a fiery Armageddon.

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