Island Girls: Turtles in Danger Endorsements and Reviews

 Island Girls: Turtles in Danger Endorsements and Reviews

“A great illustration of how young children can develop environmental stewardship. Island Girls: Turtles in Danger educates children about their everyday choices and what the impact can be.”

— Global Expeditions Group

“Maria Montessori once said, ‘A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature.’ As an educator, I look to find ways to sustain the instinctive connections my students already carry. Written from the experience and perspective of a six-year-old, I can see how young readers will embrace the powerful message in this book: each of us can do our part in keeping the environment safe for Earth’s creatures – great and small.”

— Eileen Bean, Director of Hooked on Books Programs, M. Ed Elementary Education, Collegiate School

Island Girls: Turtles in Danger playfully captures the joy the ocean provides, from sea creatures to humans of all ages. It illustrates the importance of relationships to each other as well as our relationships with the natural world. This book cleverly reveals the human impacts of plastic bags on sea turtles but doesn’t point fingers at others. It denotes how unconsciously we can negatively impact sea creatures, but through awareness, we become the solution. This is a powerful story told in less than 550 words.”

— Bonnie Monteleone, CO-founder, Plastic Ocean Project, Inc.

“Our oceans and the turtles that live within it are in trouble! Plastic pollution is a major threat these ancient and gentle reptiles face and they desperately need our help. Education, awareness, and action are needed to change the way humans impact the environment. Island Girls: Turtles in Danger by Blair Williamson is critical for young people to hear so that the cycle of carelessness can be stopped. We need future generations that protect our oceans and this story and its message is the first step towards a different future.”

— Animal Ocean

“As a PADI Senior Scuba Instructor Trainer, I am far too aware of the issue brought up in Williamson’s book. Sadly, I have also witnessed this firsthand during a dive trip to Bunaken Marine Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia. I saw so many plastic bags floating around that looked exactly like jellyfish. Island Girls: Turtles in Danger by Blair Williamson is a very important book for all because it raises awareness of this issue and highlights that we can help be the solution by easily recycling plastic bags or using reusable bags in a store. This book will greatly impact the future of our oceans.”

— Philippe Yersin, Senior Instructor Trainer, EASE/Eastern Academy of Scuba Education

“Finding books for children that are both educational and fun are often hard to come by. Blair Williamson truly captures the young reader’s attention quickly. At the beginning of Island Girls: Turtles in Danger, her fun use of illustration and humor of sea life engages not only young children but adults as well. Throughout the story, my kids truly gained a sense of understanding of life in our oceans and what we can do to protect them.”

— Dorrie Gagnon, RDH, Special Needs Coordinator of the Kinder Smile Foundation

Island Girls: Turtles in Danger by Blair Williamson imparts a valuable message about ocean pollution that encourages children to recognize how their own actions can make a difference in protecting the Earth.”

— Laura Yates, Reading Specialist