Mermaid Princesses Endorsements and Reviews

Mermaid Princesses Endorsements and Reviews

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson is a good book to read for younger kids to show how fun it is to be outside and try new things.”

— Caroline B.

“I think that Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson will inspire kids to get off their devices and go play outside. It has a simple message but it is a very powerful one.”

— Maddie J.

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson is a good story for kids to read because it demonstrates how you can have a lot of fun without being on a screen.”

— Mary Ann Z.

“I think Mermaid Princesses is a good reminder to all families about a rising issue in today’s society with too much screen time and not enough outdoor play.”

— Kate N.

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson really resonates with present-day families. The story shows the reader that your imagination can take you places you never thought of before. Being creative can be fun, and you do not always need technology to do so.”

— Grace M.

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson is a great read for kids because it shows how much fun you can have by going outside and spending time with people around you, instead of sitting alone in front of a device!”

— Anne Randall B.

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson is an important book for kids to read because it teaches them to have fun playing with each other instead of alone with their devices.”

— Copeland T.

Mermaid Princesses by Blair Williamson is a must-read for parents to remind them to unplug their children’s devices. As a mom of many children, it’s easy to get caught on our devices (phones, computers, TVs) and our kids emulate our activities. This story reminds us all that kids can create their own fun by going outside and just being a ‘kid.’ A true must-read to remind us all to unwind and play in nature.”

— Dorrie Gagnon, RDH, Special Needs Coordinator of the Kinder Smile Foundation