Parrot’s Tea Party Endorsements and Reviews

Parrot’s Tea Party Endorsements and Reviews

“I always look for books that will not only hold my children’s attention but also teach them something. Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson is a hilarious book that shows children and parents alike that you can learn from your mistakes and move forward. I love books that inspire important conversations with my children. I have read an endless amount of children’s books and this story is one your kids will want to read again and again and again! As a parent, these are always my favorite books to read.”

— Kate Mitchell, mom of three book worms ages 4, 8, and 13.

Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson is a fun and enjoyable story for young children. At first, the parrot does not want to work with the fly, but later learns to accept him and they work together. This is a good lesson for all to realize how we can live amongst each other in peace, even though we have our differences.”

— Lawson V.

Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson was just that, a party. I can see kids loving it and losing it over the fun of the chase of the fly and the mess! And how relatable because kids zero in and go nuts and when you step back you have to gather your perspective and to see that sweet change in perspective and that kind gesture-the peace offering…it is such a perfect ending.”

— Bliss Lansing, mom of 7 and 4-year-olds

Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson is a must-to-read to all children. It teaches the importance of how we all should learn to get “along.” As a mom of multiples, I have read this to them over and over so they can understand the importance of living together. This would be a great story to read in any setting — school, library, daycares, or even in your own home.”

— Dorrie Gagnon, RDH, Special Needs Coordinator of the Kinder Smile Foundation

Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson is a darling and funny read that will encourage children to practice peace and patience. My kids love it!”

— Meredith Carr, Deputy Director, WWI Centennial Commission

Parrot’s Tea Party by Blair Williamson is a wonderfully playful story teaching patience through humorous trials of houseboat living! Parrot provides excellent examples of problem solving and determination that everyone can learn from!”

— Catie Chipman, ESG Consultant, MSCI