Williamson Testimonials

“It is my pleasure to introduce you to Blair Williamson, a Children’s Book publisher’s dream undiscovered author. She has interest from multiple houses in her fanciful and impactful stories. Not only are the stories well-crafted and developed with parenting in mind, but Blair also comes with an impressive platform and enthusiasm for marketing.”

— Joni Albrecht, Little Star Communications

“Blair is a prolific writer whose ideas are fresh, fun, and kid-friendly. Her stories explore important topics, and she always finds a way of making her characters pop off the page. Blair has a strong work ethic, she’s resourceful, persistent, open-minded, and not afraid to learn, grow, and hone her craft. She goes the extra mile to get things done, she takes constructive criticism and applies it to her work, she’s determined and motivated.”

―Rosie J. Pova, Writing Coach and Author of Sunday Rain

“We regularly visit Barnes and Noble and have a Literati subscription, so we read through a ton of books to select the ones worthy of the at-home library. I look for books that 1) teach important lessons or have strong value statements, and 2) be ones we want to re-read regularly. Blair Williamson’s books check those boxes. I could easily see being at the store and the kids picking her books out and moms approving them. Williamson’s books make it so easy for the kids to grasp the moral of the story and for the family discussion to follow. They are fun to read and pack a punch with their important, easily-grasped lessons.

— Bliss Lansing, mom of 7 and 4-year-olds