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Backwoods Justice by Chuck Walsh

 After reading Shadows on Iron Mountain, I knew I had to read anything Chuck Walsh wrote or will ever write. So, I read A Month of Tomorrows, an absolutely fabulous story of love and forgiveness. Then, low and behold, the sequel to Shadows comes out. I had to get it downloaded immediately. Disappointed? NEVER. Just like with Shadows, he grabbed me by the collar and never let go. I literally hung on every word. I was panting during some scenes as I was so engrossed in the story I felt like I was the one hiking the mountain and not Jordan. Jeez! He takes you there and makes you feel the cold penetrating your bones and the fear, which makes your heart race with every leaf rustle and twig snap. I love hiking, but from now on I am carrying a satellite phone! Bravo! I saw where he has two more coming out this year: A Passage Back and A Splintered Dream. Cannot wait!!

  • Jeanie Loiacono

Backwoods Justice, the sequel to Shadows On Iron Mountain by Chuck Walsh will keep you glued to your couch until the last word..