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Darlene Dihel, an author/illustrator, and graduate of Education and Fine Arts, spent most of her professional career teaching children grades K-12. She is also a professional SUMI-E artist—Japanese ink-brush painting with strokes based on Asian calligraphy—which was used to illustrate her children’s book, Pandamonium.

Pandamonium (2017)


All art by Darlene Dihel – Art for Pandamonium

Clear Fork Publishing Pandamonium

When the Emperor of China asks thirteen powerful species of the animal kingdom to send a representative to meet and solve some important problems with him, Panda Paw Luck is excited! But what can a huge, solemn panda bear do?

Pandamonium, offers a fun, fresh take on the lovable panda bear and the importance of lending a helping hand. The story was inspired by the fact that the panda bear isn’t one of the twelve animals included on the Chinese/Asian lunar calendar, but is depicted in ancient stories as a giant monster with teeth that could cut through steel gates!

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