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Charming little Affinity Bell may not be exactly what she appears in Affinity’s Window by Douglas Wilson. You realize this pretty quickly as each day starts out the same … except for the added intensity and horror Affinity experiences as she tries to prevent The Others from hurting her. With her threadbare doll, Mr. Moppet, who promises to protect her, Affinity rules her home while gradually succumbing to the strength of The Others’ magic, especially when she loses Mr. Moppet.

The Others, in fact, are a writer trying to find evidence of ghosts and two psychics who are along to help. Together, Taylor Dann, Claire Cookmeyer, and her mother, Linda, confront Affinity and the demons she has been trying to avoid. Learning more about Danny’s past and the connections between generations of missing children, the psychics grow increasingly concerned about what they are facing. Undeterred, Danny tries to figure things out on his own by confronting his dreams in the haunted Bell mansion and receives a unique gift when he picks up Mr. Moppet. The question becomes: who is really haunting whom and how will they all escape – if at all?

Affinity’s Window is an amazing horror story that builds up the suspense at every turn. Douglas Wilson has created a multi-dimensional setting with realistic characters, terrifying demons, and more than a few surprises. In a cyclical style, the action is repeated with new layers of meaning and added understanding building tremendous tension as the mystery is slowly revealed. Affinity’s Window certainly has all the elements of a top rate paranormal tale that is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and leaving on the lights. Fantastic story – I can’t wait for the rest!

  • Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite


Think Chuckie but with a psycho side-kick. Scary stuff.

  • CJ Loiacono