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Dr. David L. Vastola is a Board Certified Internal Medicine and Gastroenterologist who has done extensive research proving that taking vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements is a sensible precaution to avoiding nutrient deficiencies that are common throughout life. He also believes that candidness and positive communication between patient and physician, as well as being diligent and proactive, are the keys to staying healthy. He runs a private practice in Palm Beach, Florida, specializing in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, and is often called the “Sherlock Holmes of Medicine” for uncovering problems other medical professionals missed. He has written four books, been married for thirty-five years and has five children, employs an assistant lovingly named Patrick the Poodle, and is showcasing a new TV pilot called Good Health Hunting at film festivals. Dr. Vastola also has extensive media experience as a medical and nutrition expert on WJNO Radio, Fox News and CBS News in Florida.

YouTube  On November 15th HGTV interviewed Dr. David Vastola and his lovely wife, Gail, for their honorable endeavor of renovating the Carnegie Library into their new home.

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Dr. David Vastola and Multivitamins

The New Reality of Nutrients 

Published by Argus Publishing

The New Reality of Nutrients Reviews

Much scientific evidence suggests that taking a daily multivitamin-and-mineral supplement is a sensible precaution to help avoid nutrient deficiencies. Vastola wrote The New Reality of Nutrients to demystify the complicated world of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs. His common sense approach, combined with the science to back it up, explains what the product labels do not. FDA, RDA and directional use provided on bottles are not necessarily individually applicable. Each person is unique and his technique of defragmenting the information on a personal level is enlightening.

“Vitamins are really a misnomer when it comes to nutrient therapy because you must consider not only vitamins but minerals, trace elements and herbal remedies. In The New Reality of Nutrients, I go into a great deal of fundamental information about how, when and the reasons why they are so important. I also outline my theories on aging and how to avoid the aging process. I also explain how current concepts are so outdated like the recommended daily allowances (RDA) that need to be disregarded. As a sad corollary, nutritional collegiate programs lack an integrated approach to standard medical therapies therefore making them burdensome and ineffective. That’s the reason why I wrote this book, to bridge what I see as a major obstacle in understanding and in using appropriately these nutritional additives.” — Dr. David Vastola

Dr. David Vastola, author of Fountain of Youth: Nutritional Therapies, is on the cover of BDW Magazine“The Man Behind Our Health Tips” 


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