Murder on the March Reviews

Murder on the March Reviews

The Civil War with a twist!

I have read the first two Alphonso Clay mysteries (Treason on the Mississippi, The Siege of Knoxville) and simply had to read the third! WOW! Margaret Mitchell would be ever so impressed with the way you portrayed Sherman’s march and the burning of Atlanta! I am. I cannot get enough of Clay and Duval. What a pair of characters. One who has “un-natural” gifts and another who is stimulated by gore and blood. Martin makes you cheer them on in honor. This has to be the best Civil War series I have ever read.

  • CJ Loiacono


 Murder on the March By Jack Martin

By Sevard Jones

Very well written! A mystery novel based on the civil war. Although a fiction Novel, the civil war places and people are factual with a few exceptions. Great Story!


Buy it!

By T. Graziano


Murder on the March is even more riveting than it’s two predecessors in the Alphonso Clay series by the Master of Civil War mysteries, Jack Martin. Set in the context of General Sherman’s devastating sweep through the South to destroy its agricultural and industrial capacity and, consequently, its ability to maintain the Confederate Army, this book gives a strong feeling of the desperate desire of both sides to end the war. The fictional characters are quirky, and the historical characters are true to the known facts about their personalities. Alphonso Clay’s behavior gives hints of his unnatural background. His actions are sometimes brutal to the point of being evil. Teresa Duval’s evil is driven by greed and revenge. These two characters see each other for the dangers they represent, and their plotting intertwines with the hunt for a traitor to the Union Army whose actions are responsible for uncounted deaths. As Clay uses to advantage some of the enhanced abilities he was born with, he must also struggle to control the dark traits and maintain his standards of honor by the force of his will. Duval, on the other hand, has no honor and chooses to do evil to further her selfish goals. In the end, Clay is left in the amorous clutches of Duval, and, perhaps, that is the only justice either of them deserves.


Murder on the March

By scrapmom

Somehow or another I have gotten hooked on Jack Martin’s series. This isn’t even my usual type of book. But the writing is so interesting to me that I can’t put it down once I start reading. There is something spooky about the main character in the series and I will have to keep reading to find out what it is. I really like getting the history thrown in there too. Also at the end each military leader is written up and I find that very interesting to read. Thanks Mr. Martin!!


Great writing

By patricia

Jack Martin brings to life the Civil War, to his readers. He does not romanticize war or its ugliness, but he truly does capture the reader’s attention.

I have read all his books, loved them all, and look forward to more.

This is an author you will want to read!