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Jim and Jamie at The Smithsonian in front of Smith's plane

Jim and Jamie Bolander

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Jim Bolander took his daughter to The Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum where he showed her Chicago, his Great-Uncle Lowell Smith’s plane. She was so inspired she wrote about him for a school assignment. Then Bolander decides it is time to take us all to that very time; around the world in an open-air cockpit to win the first circumnavigation-aeronautical race. What an incredible read, true story, and gift to all mankind!

Bolander has written Beating Kings and Burning Angels published by Digital Pulp Publishing He has written several other novels and a book of poetry as well.

Chasing Horizons:The Air Race that Changed the World

Draft Cover

Published by Ecanus Publishing

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Chasing Horizons:The Air Race that Changed the World Reviews

Cpt. Lowell Smith and Lt John P. Richter first mid air refueling 1923 Rockwell Field

Chasing Horizons-The Air Race that Changed the World is a historical fiction depicting the aeronautical challenge of 1924 in which four Douglas World Cruisers and eight American crewmen set out from Seattle, Washington, to attempt the first around-the-world airplane flight. One hundred seventy-five days later two of the aircraft and crews became the first to circumnavigate earth.

Bolander has taken 90% fact and added the background story to bring it to life. His research and historical details will chill you to the bone when they are in the tundra of Alaska, make you want to swat the mosquitoes in the Orient, feel the sting of the sandstorms as they fly across the deserts of the Middle East, and stand in ovation as they make each extraordinary landing. Imagine a single engine, open cockpit, wooden and sheet metal airplane held together with wires and bands; no GPS, no radios, no heater or a/c or toilet or any type of refreshments and you are to fly this “just invented” flying machine around the world – and before any of the other 5 countries who joined the race. To these men, there was no turning back.

Britain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and France were all vying with the United States in 1924 to win the race to be first to fly around the world. The story of what transpired in the six months it took to accomplish this virgin task is the stuff legends and heroes are made of. Lowell Smith, the first to complete the mission, is not only a humble and patriotic aviation icon, but also the great uncle to Jim Bolander, which makes this world and family history as well. The desire for Bolander to honor his family by putting into words what the world has forgotten was ignited by the curiosity of his daughter who chose Lowell Smith as the subject of a fifth grade report and oral presentation concerning a famous American.

1924 …..”First Round-the-World World Flight”

From: 04/06/24 To: 09/28/24 (Seattle to Seattle, WA)

Miles Flown: 26,350 miles

Flying Time: 371H 11M

Plane Type: Douglas World Cruisers – Amphibians

Plane Names: Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and Boston

Pilot Names: Lowell H. Smith, Erik Nelson, Frederick L. Martin & Leigh Wade

Comments: 1st Flight Round-the-World, 4 Planes started, 2 finished.

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