Chasing Horizons: The Great Air Race that Changed the World Reviews

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An amazing story of courage in a time where there were…

By Jeanie

An amazing story of courage in a time where there were few, if any, radios, no radar, few gauges, absolutely no GPS, but a whole lot determination, talent, intelligence and skill. These men took the challenge to fly around the world by the yoke and one succeeded, Chicago, and her pilot, Lowell Smith. Britain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and France were all vying with the United States in 1924 to win the race to be first to fly around the world. Look at the stats! From: 04/06/24 To: 09/28/24 (Seattle to Seattle, WA) Miles Flown: 26,350 miles, Flying Time: 371H 11M, Plane Type: Douglas World Cruisers – Amphibians, Plane Names: Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and Boston, Pilot Names: Lowell H. Smith, Erik Nelson, Frederick L. Martin & Leigh Wade, Comments: 1st Flight Round-the-World, 4 Planes started, 2 finished. There is actually a group in California that will attempt to do the same race in replicas of the planes. I am in awe!