Architects of Armageddon Reviews

John Flynn’s novel Architects of Armageddon has three things going for it: Kate Dawson, a sexy San Francisco Police detective who just won’t quit; a collection of whack job religious nuts who have their members killing off their own families to welcome in the end of the world; and the City of San Francisco itself, the perfect place where anything can happen and usually does.

  • Bob Blackwood, Columbia River Reader film critic

“I’ve started reading, and it grabs you right out of the gate…”

  • Rosanna Tufts, Hostess of “The Tufts Get Going” Talk Show for Women on X-M Satellite Radio/Perfect World Network Radio,

Architects of Armageddon reminded me of Angie Dickenson from Police Woman. Kate is tough as nails, but far from flawless. The only thing she hasn’t lost is her job and her life, both of which sit precariously on the edge of extinction. You can’t help but cheer her on. You tend to see your own issues in a different light and want her to win, kick ass. I am looking forward to the next and the next. The first I read was Intimate Bondage. It has taken what seems like forever to get the sequel. Flynn does NOT disappoint.

  • CJ Loiacono