Murder on Air Force One Reviews

Murder on Air Force One Reviews

If Wonder Woman Weren’t a DemiGod, She’d Be Kate Dawson.

In John Flynn’s third Kate Dawson thriller, he takes his SFPD Inspector deep into the heart of the Secret Service, investigating the murder of a Fox News reporter aboard Air Force One. Despite being assigned a new partner who behaves like a dick, the usual intra-departmental rivalries, and the conflicting agendas of the SFPD and a much more powerful federal government . . . nevertheless, she persists! Doggedly pursuing clues that only a woman would ever notice (one of them involves lipstick). Soon enough, she becomes the target of a Russian hitman, as the case escalates into a faked terrorist attack. Oh, and Kate finally seems to have a viable romance going . . . or does she? Once again, Dr. Flynn has given us an un-put-down-able wild ride! Keep ‘em coming!

— Rosanna Tufts, host of “The Tufts Get Going!” on BlogTalkRadio


Kate Dawson does it again, and by the skin on her teeth. Put in a situation never before experienced in investigating a homicide within the upper echelons of the US government, she has to deal with road blocks, diversions, thought-to-be-lost cold war documents, and protecting those she loves from morg’s frig. Absolutely love Kate, flaws and all. Looking forward to more!

  • CJ Loiacono