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The Fugitive’s Sister Amazon Reviews


Everyone makes mistakes, but to go through what she did because of her sister is incredible. We learn by our own and by others’ bad choices. Keep yourself on the right side of the law!

  • CJ Loiacono


A great story of love, loyalty, naievite, and harsh punishment

By Michelle Checkley

What a riveting story of how family loyalty and love mixed with uninformed decisions and questionable choices can really hurt you. My heart aches for the horrible way this true story unfolded. This will make a great movie one day!!

Related to fugitive sisters

By Mary E. Shamblin

Yes it did..this is my cousin recount of her what was a horrible time for her family.


Looked Promising, but Failed to Satisfy

By Happy Wife

Was I supposed to feel sorry for her? She admitted to lying, and based on the charges against her sister, she should’ve known better. I wish I could get back the time I wasted on this book so I could’ve read something better.


Incredible Page Turner!!!

By Kent S

Wow! This was a real page-turner. Also one of the best books I have read in the true crime genre. It’s incredible to read about the company NCFE that did so many bad things and was the biggest private corporate fraud case in history and yet it wasn’t covered on the news very much, at least not like Enron or WoldComm or some of the other publicly traded companies who were guilty of similar misconduct. The narrative was very compelling, told from Linda’s own personal experiences as she is “the fugitive’s sister” – the fugitive being her sister Becky Parrett. What struck me the most though was that this is also a very real love story — about the love that exists in families, among siblings, and especially between mothers and daughters. I loved it!!!!