“Remember” by Michael Infinito

“Remember” by Michael Infinito


As we eat our hamburgers
And savor warm blue skies
Let us all remember
Those who passed on by

Revolutionary patriots
With the heart to take a stand
To break away from tyranny
And forge a better land

Brothers fighting brothers
Many to their graves
That we would stay united
and liberate the slaves

They fought the evil empires
In two epic global wars
Some men’s hopeful futures
Washed out on distant shores

So many did their duty
In Asia brave did fall
Left only in our memories
As names upon a wall

So this year I ask you
As we enjoy our special day
Give thanks to all the troops
Still standing in harm’s way

The ones who keep on fighting
And others who have died
Pray for grieving families
And all the tears they’ve cried.

Keep them in your hearts

Honor their sacrifice

And say a little prayer

For those who changed your life

So many people perished
To give you what you’ve got
Be thankful for what you have
Even if it’s not a lot

  • Michael Infinito, author of 12:19, XXXtreme Discretion, A Wish to Die For, The Hanging Tree, and The Colby Ghost