Pasadena Shakes

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Pasadena Shakes

Pasadena Shakes. a former attorney, opted for early retirement to devote her life to writing, a lifelong passion ever since winning a high school essay contest. The prize: admission to a luncheon at which Toni Morrison was the keynote speaker. That was just the beginning…

She is currently working on the sequels to the trilogy: Insurmountable and Irreplaceable.


Irredeemable (available for acquisition)

Mock cover by Pasadena Shakes

Tall, blond, rich, and a mere twenty years old, Scott is a brilliant, biracial documentary film student with a bright future in Los Angeles whose work is already creating a lot of buzz. But, he has a problem. He’s caught in a dysfunctional, intimate relationship with Rose, the young woman his parents raised as a favor to a friend back home in Rwanda. To escape from his nightmarish existence, Scott turns to a life of debauchery, that is until he meets his new neighbor, Apple…

About to turn eighteen, Apple has dark skin, body-image issues, a smart mouth, and a Glock 19 in her purse. Recently relocated from St. Louis, she is eager for a fresh start away from her over-protective family.

The attraction between Scott and Apple is immediate and powerful. Yet despite their differences, including Scott’s futile attempts at keeping her at arm’s length, their relationship gives way to attraction and sparks fly. He simply cannot get enough of her. Yet, as time passes, and with Apple’s help, Scott’s perspective begins to change. For the first time, he has what feels like real, honest love. But will love be enough to sustain them? Will the past reach out and snatch away any hope the young lovers have for a happy future together? Or, will their love—braided tightly together with friendship, laughter, and courage—prevail?

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