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As a former reporter with South Carolina newspapers and magazines, and the senior staff writer for the Diocese of Charleston, Paul Barra has won many awards from the South Carolina Press Association and from the Catholic Press Association.

Barra’s publications include four supplementary science readers (Houghton-Mifflin), St. Joe’s Remarkable Journey (Tumblar House), The Secret of Maggie’s Swamp (Brownridge Press), A Death in the Hills (Argus Publishing) and The Mekong Junkman (Argus Publishing).

He is currently working on two novels: a children’s adventure and a historical fiction about three southern priests in Charleston as the Civil War begins, including the real-life Rebel Bishop who must solve a murder in the diocesan cathedral and resolve their personal issues with the Catholic Church’s involvement in slavery and secession.

Barra and his wife, Joan, have eight children and live with their burro, two alpacas, twenty-five chickens, and a Catahoula Leopard hound in South Carolina. He is a proud, decorated veteran (Bronze Star with Combat V and the Combat Action Ribbon).

Astoria Nights 


Published by Black Opal Books

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Life is comfortable for Catholic schoolteacher Terrence Muldoon. He has a house in Astoria, New York and a year-old Volvo, both paid for, and his only dependent is a rescued greyhound… But as “Seamus Muldoon,” a club fighter in the Big Apple, he can knock the fillings out of a man’s teeth with either hand.

When his girlfriend, a jockey at Belmont, is murdered, Muldoon is maddeningly driven to find out who wanted her dead and why. Was she collateral damage? He teams up with a NYPD detective in an investigation that takes him from Myrtle Beach to the rural environs of South Carolina, into the world of Queens gangsters, down to the Brooklyn waterfront, and out to Fire Island.

As if his mission is not fraught with enough danger, he is training all the while for the fight of his life, paired with a man being touted as the next Ali.

With time running out, Muldoon must catch a killer, but not be killed, and battle a giant with all odds against him.

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