The Best and Most Motivational Books for Women Part 1

The Best and Most Motivational Books for Women Part 1

In a world that is rife with supposedly successful people flexing and showing off all day long online how much better they are than you because whatever reason they might personally come up with (hint: most have to do with how much money they supposedly have), is a little difficult to maintain motivation, especially if you don’t have the social advantages many of them surely possess.

This is especially true for women that spend time on social media sites scrolling through the so amazingly successful achievement of others: The girl with the perfect body, the one which landed a rich husband despite her dubious reputation, the heiress whose only work ever has been painting her nails which she started outsourcing at fifteen years old, etc. the list is endless.

Instead of endlessly going down a path of self-depreciation by doing that, you better find yourself a healthy dose of motivation that can carry you to achieve what many out there just pretend to have. Women who read these motivational books written can develop proper motivation far from the toxicity of social media that will allow them to focus on their own very real success.

#9 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Searching for God in the Garbage is an extremely candid memoir based on the actual diary entries of a Harvard grad who discovers there is a spiritual basis to emotional health. It is a game-changing book that inspires readers to fill their inner emptiness by nourishing their souls.