True Peace

True Peace by Dr. Charles Stanley, Everyday in His Presence 365 Devotions June 13

Gideon built an alter and named it The Lord is Peace. Judges 6:24

It’s not in the appeasement of evil, ungodly compromise, or by engaging in the false security the world offers that you’ll find true and lasting peace. You will only do so by obeying God.

Gideon understood this firsthand/ Judges 21:25 says, “In those days everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” This did not bring anyone tranquility. On the contrary, the Israelites’ idolatrous ways invited continual assaults by surrounding armies. So God called upon Gideon to obey Him and to stand against the invaders.

Being from the smallest, weakest tribe, Gideon felt unprepared for the challenge. Wouldn’t it be easier just to get along with the oppressing Midianites?

The Lord’s answer? “Surely I will be with you.” Judges 6:16. Yes, Gideon’s righteous stand would stir up the enemy, but God would be his abiding peace and lead him to triumph.

The same is true for you. Obeying the Lord may not be easy or popular, but you can have peace no other way. So stand firm in Him and trust that He will be your place of rest.

Lord, lead me. I will obey You. I praise You for being my peace, amen.

In His presence find true and lasting peace.

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way

to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

“Trust and Obey” by John Sammis history

The evil of today is controlled by Satan’s demons, sent to roam the earth seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. He is controlling through fear. To be where we should we must go to the Bible and live by Our Father’s word. Submit to HIS will for your life. Love and care for one another. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.” Yes, to love yourself is to love and respect the Holy Spirit that lives in every believer.

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world

Whether yellow, black, or white, they are precious in His sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Clare Herbert Woolston


ALL LIVES MATTER. Stop the madness. We all bleed red.

Guns don’t kill people any more than cars do. People kill people.

Without law enforcement evil will reign and no one will be safe. Respect our men in blue and obey the laws set forth in the Constitution! Stop the looting, destruction of property, and murder. Stop desecrating our history’s monuments. This is the United States of America! Millions have sacrificed everything so you could live here. Remember that!


Wash your hands and say your prayers,

Jesus and germs are everywhere.

God has this. HE really does. The CCP must run its course like any other virus. Some may die, but thousands die daily of accidents, other illnesses, drug abuse, and murder, and we don’t close our schools and shut down our economy because of that! Let’s get this country open and Keep America Great!