Up Journey – How to be a Nicer Person

Up Journey – How to be a Nicer Person

Bracha Goetz




Author, Searching for God in the Garbage

Nourish your soul with inner happiness

If you dig down even deeper than the emotional pain, you will find patiently waiting for you, your pure and infinite soul. And if you provide your soul with as much deep pleasure as possible, your days will be so full of joy that the blockages from the emotional pain can melt away. That’s how to get your soul shining again even if you have experienced trauma. And there is a great abundance of ways to bring in that joy.

There is no scarcity of sources of pleasure in this world. We can always nourish our souls by reaching out to those lonelier, stretching or dancing to music we love, breathing in some nature, practicing gratitude, being creative – whatever fills your soul works. And when our souls are full, our radiance shines onto others.