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Amber Lanier Nagle is a Georgia girl through and through. In 2006, after working for eighteen years as an engineer, she reinvented herself as a freelance writer specializing in nonfiction articles. Her work has appeared in GRIT, Mother Earth News, GEORGIA Magazine, Atlanta Life, Points North, Chatter, Get Out Chattanooga and many other magazines and newspapers.

For eleven years, she penned a monthly newspaper column focusing on memories, relationships, and unique observations from her lifetime in Georgia. In 2012, she published a selection of these articles in an ebook titled Southern Exposure: A Few Random, Rambling, Retrospective Pieces of My Life.,

She’s the brainchild behind Project Keepsake, a collection of stories told in first-person by ordinary people about their treasured keepsakes and mementos, and she conducts “Writing About Keepsakes” workshops in Georgia and Tennessee to help aspiring writers find their voice and craft their own keepsake stories.

She is a graduate of both Georgia Institute of Technology and Mercer University and is an active member of the Georgia Writers Association and the Chattanooga Writers Guild.

She lives in the woods in Northwest Georgia with her husband, Gene, and an assortment of beloved pets and wild critters.

Project Keepsake

Published by Open Road Integrated Media   Project Keepsake Reviews

Project Keepsake

Fascinating personal histories are revealed through the stories of cherished objects, in this anthology celebrating the meaningful mementos of our lives.

Amber Lanier Nagle has always been interested in keepsakes, whether her own or those she encounters in her friends’ homes. Seemingly ordinary items—a glass bluebird, a pocketknife, a dime-store locket, a faded fishing lure, a dented cake pan, a model train car—become priceless treasures when their stories are uncovered. In Project Keepsake, Nagle collects the tales of these objects and their beloved memories from contributors near and far.

“Why do you keep this?” Nagle asks. “Where did it come from?” And then she listens as the stories pour out. Told in first-person by both seasoned and aspiring writers, every essay in the anthology is unique—yet each reveals common threads that connect us all and celebrate the glorious human experience.


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