O CHRIST, THE HEALER (Rev. Fred Pratt Green)

O Christ, the healer, we have come

To pray for health, to plead for friends.

How can we fail to be restored

When reached by love that never ends?

From every ailment flesh endures

Our bodies clamor to be freed;

Yet in our hearts we would confess

That wholeness is our deepest need.

How strong, O Lord, are our desires,

How weak our knowledge of ourselves!

Release in us those healing truths

Unconscious pride resists or shelves.

In conflicts that destroy our health

We recognize the world’s disease;

Our common life declares our ills.

Is there no cure, O Christ, for these?

Grant that we all, made one in faith,

In your community may find

The wholeness that, enriching us,

Shall reach the whole of humankind.

May the Blessings of our Lord wrap around you.

Sharon & Martin

CCP by Dr. Philip Levin

April 1, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m used to dealing with dangerous diseases.  I’ve been an emergency room doctor for forty-one years, providing medical care in large and small facilities across the globe. I’ve worked in a leper colony in India, a malaria clinic on the Amazon River, an orphanage in Maputo, and a waterless hospital in Kenya. I’ve treated malaria, plague, tularemia, typhus, typhoid, brucellosis, and a large number of patients who had infectious diseases I couldn’t diagnosis.  Even here in America I’ve been exposed to bugs of all kinds, from flu to chicken pox, from Legionarie’s Disease to meningococcal meningitis.

I say all this to emphasize that COVID ranks near the top of the list of dangerous infections. The purpose of this letter is to help people understand how this infection is transmitted and urge everyone to take proper precautions.

The COVID virus threat is real, the danger palpable.  As an example of this pandemic at its worse, here’s part of a blog from a fellow ER doctor working in New Orleans.  Warning, it’s horrific.

Our 22 bed ICU and now a 4 bed Endoscopy suite are all Covid 19. All of these patients are intubated except one. 75% of our floor beds have been cohorted into Covid 19 wards and are full. We are averaging 4 rescue intubations a day on the floor. We now have 9 vented patients in our ER transferred down from the floor after intubation. Our main teaching hospital repurposed space to open 50 new Covid 19 ICU beds this past Sunday. Today those 50 beds are full. They are opening 30 more by Friday.

The expected duration of intubation for this disease is between two to four weeks. Of those who deteriorate to requiring intubation, the mortality rate runs around 70%.

South Mississippi isn’t facing this kind of crisis … dare I say “yet.” I’ve certainly seen cases of the disease.  Here’s a brief summary of the symptoms and progression of COVID.

2-11 days after exposure (day 5 on average) flu like symptoms start. Common are fever, headache, dry cough, myalgias (back pain), nausea without vomiting, abdominal discomfort with some diarrhea, loss of smell, anorexia, and fatigue.

Day 5 of symptoms- increased shortness of breath with bilateral viral pneumonia from direct viral damage to lung parenchyma.

Day 10- Either improvement, or cytokine storm leading to acute lung failure known as Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and multiorgan failure. You can literally watch it happen in a matter of hours.

81% of those infected have mild symptoms, 14% severe symptoms requiring hospitalization, 5% critical.

The COVID virus requires moisture to survive.  It’s mixed in spit droplets aerosolized by coughing, talking, and even breathing.  After leaving the mouth of an infected person, the droplets swirl outward for a few feet, hang around a bit, and then dry out, killing the virus.  If the water droplets land on another person’s eyes, nose, or mouth, they can enter the body and create infection.  If it lands anywhere else, such as on hands, clothing, or hard surfaces, the virus will die when the moisture is gone. Wearing a mask (of any kind) and glasses whenever you are near another person is the easiest and best protection – not 100% by any means, but a big help. Staying six-feet away will help too.

There’s a small chance of getting the virus in other ways. Theoretically, if someone has sneezed near a doorknob, or into their hand and touches a doorknob, and then you touch the doorknob while it’s still wet, and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you could become infected.  Two lessons here: one, it’s difficult to get except through breathing in the virus and, two, wash your hands frequently.

To control the spread of the virus, stay home if you can.  When you do go out, wear a mask or even a handkerchief over your face both to protect yourself and others.  Other things you can do to help: don’t hoard and do donate money online for food kitchens. If you can sew, make some homemade masks for yourself and others.  We ran into one woman at Hobby Lobby who was buying material to make 100 masks to donate to nursing homes and first providers. You don’t really need the super-duper N95.

Eventually this crisis will end in one of three ways.  First, the population will gain herd immunity, that means, most everyone will have had the virus and developed antibodies so that the virus won’t survive without new people to infect. It took one year for the Spanish Flu to die out in the 1918 epidemic. Secondly, we may just find a treatment.  So far, the treatments suggested, such as chloroquine, Plaquenil, or Zithromax, are unproven and probably not helpful. Based on the history of Herpes and HIV, it usually takes several years to find effective anti-virals.  Third, a vaccine might be developed.  That usually takes over a year, so about the time the virus is going to die out anyway.

Meanwhile here are some interesting preventative treatments I’ve read about:

  1. Gargle with vinegar to kill the virus in your mouth.
  2. Take a bath in bleach.
  3. Use essential oil massages and consume high doses of Vitamin C.

Those three are the “April Fool’s” part of this letter. Remember, the virus is spread by airborne droplets.  Gargling won’t help, bleach will damage your skin, and homeopathic remedies have no proven value against the virus.  COVID is not transferred by toilet seats or newspapers or fast foods. It might get in your hair or on your clothes, but will die there quickly.

I love my job and will go to work as long as I’m allowed and able to do so.  I hope that of the many patients I’ll see, you won’t be one struck by this illness. Stay secluded.  Use facial masks.  Wash your hands frequently.

And send notes of encouragement to your friends and loved ones.

Philip L. Levin, MD


(228) 596-7217

Her finest hour has come… 

Her finest hour has come…

Marjorie Catherine Terry Doster

AUGUST 13, 1923 – FEBRUARY 27, 2020
Obituary of Marjorie Catherine Terry Doster

How do you sum up a life in that little dash between birth and death? Marjorie Catherine Terry-Smith Doster, or Terry as she liked to be called, went on to join her Lord and Savior on the 27th of February, 2020.

Born in London, England on August 13, 1923, Terry grew up steadfast and fearless in the face of adversity. She attended the Wimbledon School of Art in South West London and studied theatrical design. During World War II, she survived the London Blitz of 1940 and went on to serve the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) as a Radar Operator “Plotter” at eight different RAF stations including RAF Tangmere and RAF Ford. Post-war, Terry flew as an Air Hostess for BOAC, the forerunner of British Airways, and was also employed at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Smitten by the southern charm of CDR George P. Doster, USN (of Moultrie, GA), she fell in love, and married him in 1953. The Doster family moved to Saint Simons Island, GA in 1963 where Terry dedicated her life to raising her beautiful family and enriching the community. Mums, Gemma as she was known by many, was a committed member of Christ Church Frederica and was beloved by all who knew her. She is especially cherished by her children: Sarah Hassinger (Jack); Jonathan Doster; Nicholas Doster; Stephen Doster, and Charlotte Doster. Her grandchildren: Sarah Dorrance (John Thompson); Andrew Doster; George Dorrance (Lauren); Stephen Dorrance; Jorie Doster, and Emily Doster; (as well as her feline constant companion of 17 years, Popsie). All of whom will carry the memories of their loving matriarch, a woman who spoke her mind – even to the likes of Winston Churchill.

Terry was predeceased by her husband George; her sister, Sylvia Schofield; and her parents, Anne Terry and William Horace Smith.

Our “Queen of St. Simons Island”, she had the spirt and tenacity of a lioness and was truly a treasure. We will miss her good, strong cuppas, fairy cakes, and amazing stories of a life well lived. Fly high, Darling. We love you.

A Celebration of her life will be held at Christ Church Frederica (St. Simon’s Island); on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, suggested donations include the Christ Church Frederica Building fund or charity of choice.


* No Spoilers * BONDLIST 

* No Spoilers * BONDLIST

NO TIME TO DIE (no movie spoilers in this note!) features extensive IMAX footage. See NTTD at a true IMAX-sized theatre to get up to 40% more picture/background on screen!

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I recommend NOBODY DOES IT BETTER: THE COMPLETE, UNCENSORED, UNAUTHORIZED ORAL HISTORY OF JAMES BOND by Mark Altman and Edward Gross. It’s a compendium of fascinating quotes and comments on Bond in film (full disclosure: my quotes appear in this book).

Altman and Gross did a lot of research and many in-depth interviews to build this extraordinary volume. The hardcover is available now at Amazon for a bargain price, since it weighs in at over 700 pages! You could randomly turn to any page of this book and get immersed.

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Best, Matt Sherman 007

Bacon 3 – Connery 1 – YM 0

8 Important Books Every Feminist Mother Should Read

8 Important Books Every Feminist Mother Should Read

Pretty Progressive

Give your children the start that will help them understand the importance of feminist issues in society

How we see the world is influenced in a big way by our early childhood. While it’s important not to pressure yourself in parenting, there are some key aspects of parenting that feminism cares about.
These books touch on the balance between success and parenting as a mother, single parenting, and the unique issues that mothers have faced in the past. These stories are inspirational and proclaim the strength we mothers have when it comes to raising our children. So don’t be put off by the ‘how-to’ guides that set unrealistic expectations. These 8 books on motherhood tell you all you need to know as a feminist mother.

#6 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Experience what goes on inside the mind of a feminist Harvard grad who broke the habits that were imprisoning her in this raw and candid memoir about overcoming food addictions and learning to value motherhood. How did she fill the inner emptiness? By nourishing her soul.

Prices across many e-commerce websites may vary, be sure to compare to get the best deal:

Amazon (International)

The Book Depository (International)

Waterstones (International)

Audible (International)



Brothers of the Wind

Best movie I have ever seen. Great story, Super actors, Breathtaking scenery, Incredible cinematography!!! How?? My mind cannot wrap around how they got those pics and how long it took to make this movie. The actors – Jean Reno, Manuel Camacho, Tobias Moretti, AND that eagle, Able – should be given every award there is! God bless them and the whole crew for what they did – Directors: Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penker. Writers: Joanne Reay (screenplay), Otmar Penker (original idea). There aren’t words to express how wonderful this story is!

28th Amendment

Please read 28th amendment Please Read, and forward. This will only take 1 minute to read! 28th Amendment, 35 States and Counting. It will take you less than a minute to read this. If you agree, please pass it on. It’s an idea whose time has come to deal with this self-serving situation: OUR PRESENT SITUATION!

  • Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans.
  • Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to pay back student loans.
  • Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term.
  • Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live. For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment. And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects.

We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever. The self-serving must stop. Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon their states. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. If each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days most people in The United States of America will have the message.


Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the Citizens of the United States …” This is an idea that should be passed around, regardless of political party.


Congressional Reform Act of 2017

  1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office. And, no more perks go with them.
  2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan, just as ALL Americans do.
  4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
  5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
  6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people (i.e. NO MORE INSIDER TRADING!!!).
  7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts by and for themselves.


Serving in Congress is an honor and privilege, NOT a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work … not get all kinds of freebies.

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on the sequel to The Red Tin Chocolate Box, Newfound Valley by Ann Howell!

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on the sequel to The Red Tin Chocolate Box, Newfound Valley by Ann Howell!

The O’Clanahan family saga that began with The Red Tin Chocolate Box continues in Newfound Valley, the second book in The Celtic Knowing Series.

For years Fiona O’Clanahan stifled her love for her brother-in-law. More so after both families’ move together to an isolated cove in Newfound Valley near Asheville, North Carolina. When the forbidden happens, Fiona is racked with guilt. She fears her seven-year-old daughter, with her gift of Knowing, suspects the truth. Secrets, lies, tragedy, and the disappearance of a loved one take a toll on the families. Then Civil War brings more tragedy. Out of disaster a new-found family rises up, discovering forgiveness for the past, renewed love, and the determination to survive the chaos of a country in the midst of war.

Ann Howell has had several short stories published: “Just My Eight O’clock and Me,” www.coffeebeanshop.com, “April,” WNC Woman, and in the book Hungry for Home — Stories of Food from Across the Carolinas, a compilation of stories and recipes featuring many of her favorite authors, including Lee Smith. The Red Tin Chocolate Box is her debut novel. The first chapter was a Top Ten Finalist in the North Carolina Writers Network 2017 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize judged by Wiley Cash. The manuscript was a Semi-Finalist in the 2017 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in the Novel Category sponsored by Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society in New Orleans, LA. Newfound Valley (contract pending), the sequel to The Red Tin Chocolate Box (Black Opal Books, 2020), was a finalist in the 2018  Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society Wisdom Competition! 2018 Faulkner – Wisdom Competition Winners, Finalists – Faulkner Society faulknersociety.org Ann lives with her husband, part feral cat, and rescue dog by the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina, near the rural community where she was born and raised.