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I am President of Loiacono Literary Agency, LLC. I have been a literary agency for four years and have over sixty clients and have sold over 89 books to date.

12 Helpful Gifts To Give To New Mothers

12 Helpful Gifts To Give To New Mothers

Motherhood is a miraculous blessing, it doesn’t matter from which perspective you look at it. The simple fact of adding a new living, breathing human life to your house and creating a family is something that gives an undeniable sense of purpose to the species, to the individual, and to women especially.

A woman who just became a mother has not only fulfilled her biological imperative, but has given herself, and the world, the gift of life to nurture and protect until it develops on its own as a fine human being. The impact of a mother’s work is something of immense magnitude, and so should be the appreciation shown to them. When gifting a new mother, make sure to get her the best stuff, make sure to get her these gifts.

#2 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Searching for God in the Garbage is an extremely candid memoir of how a Harvard grad overcame food addictions and learned to experience the deepest kind of pleasure from being a mother. Welcome to a transformative experience that speaks to our souls, nurturing the beauty in each of us.

McCullough to speak at ROMEO!

Judge Douglas McCullough, author of Sea of Greed, will be speaking at the ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) Veterans Club June 3, 2019 @ 11:30 a.m. hosted by No Name Pizza, Morehead City, NC.

Sea of Greed is based on the true story behind the arrest of Manuel Noriega and the invasion of Panama pursuant to “Operation Just Cause.” It is currently in movie production.

Published by W&B Publishing  Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

Judy Collins Hale has written a timeless book about care giving, Honor for Aging Parents!

Judy Collins Hale has written a timeless book about care giving, Honor for Aging Parents! She took care of her father and mother until they went to be with Jesus, which prompted the desire to share her encouragement, information, love, and support for those who are caring for a parent, a child, or just someone you love and needs you desperately. You may order directly from this site by selecting ORDER NOW. I pray this helps you or someone you know.

On July 13th, as part of the 9th annual bowling event for Nana’s House Fundraising, RH Lewis will be giving away copies of his new YA novel, Missing Pieces!

On July 13th, as part of the 9th annual bowling event for Nana’s House Fundraising, RH Lewis will be giving away copies of his new YA novel, Missing Pieces, for $20 donations at Brunswick Harbor Lanes 1099 N. Wickham Rd. 32935 from noon to 3 p.m.

Welcome to Nana’s House. Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, loving home where children can come and experience God’s love and healing.

R.H. Lewis, as a child, suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of a brutal stepfather. At the age of eleven, together with his courageous mother, and two brothers, he escaped to a new beginning. By the time he was a teen, he had learned to devalue the past and focus on positive possibilities for his future. During an award-winning career as a teacher, pastor, and academic coach, he helped thousands achieve dreams they once thought impossible. Now retired, he is an author, motivational speaker, and a volunteer fundraiser for Nana’s House, a Christian-based charity whose mission is to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for abused children. Lewis seamlessly weaves in his E.I.E.I.O. motivational message of into adventures, mysteries, and thrillers.

In Missing Pieces, an unconscious nine-year-old boy is rushed to an emergency room in Anchorage Alaska. A victim of a severe beating, he awakens with no memory of who he is or what his life was before that moment. Fearing for his life, philanthropist Betsy Fletcher changed his name to Jace Burke and placed him with a family in Florida. For six years, Jace grew up happy with his rambunctious step-sister Cailey. Through the years the two kept in touch with Ms. Fletcher, lovingly calling her Aunt Betsy.

But happiness turns to anger when Aunt Betsy is found dead in a small town deep in the backwoods of Maine. Jace and Cailey are convinced Aunt Betsy was murdered. But asking questions in a small town comes with grave consequences, and to prove murder may cost them their lives. As they dig for answers, dark, missing pieces of memories bleed into Jace’s mind. Like ghost ships returning to a foggy port, each carries terror and fear. What he remembers he desperately wants to forget and what he can’t remember he desperately needs to know. The truth is hidden in Aunt Betsy’s haunted mansion if they can live long enough to find it.



Properly Combat Addictions with These Books’ Lessons

Addiction. A word society was first conditioned to scorn, that slowly but surely has started to become more commonplace around us all, be it at the city or the country, it somehow became normalized.

Thanks in no small part to the opioid epidemic that has been ravaging our communities for decades now and that seems resilient to any measure taken so far to combat it, addiction rates has only gotten higher, and usage more common and visible.

It, sadly, doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon so it’s in your own hands to combat this mighty foe if you ever cross paths with it. Those who had dealt with it can tell you through their own words how they did, which methods work and which don’t against an addiction. Success is not guaranteed but knowledge and a strong will can take you far. Develop both of those things by reading the best books on dealing with an addiction.


Searching for God in the Garbage is an extremely candid memoir based on the actual diary entries of a Harvard grad who discovers there is a spiritual basis to addictions. Addictions are desperately messaging us that our souls are starving for nourishment, and we can actually fill the inner emptiness with lasting pleasure.


What Is the Point of Life? (21 Inspirational and Motivational Answers)

What Is the Point of Life? (21 Inspirational and Motivational Answers)

Bracha Goetz Author of 38 books to help children’s souls shine: 

Bracha Goetz

Harvard-Educated Author, Searching for God in the Garbage

When I was 22, I learned the point of life from a great rabbi in Jerusalem. I had been searching for about 10 years by then to find out the point of life. And this rabbi’s answer was not at all what I expected.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg explained that the point of life is to experience the greatest pleasure possible! And what gives us the greatest pleasure possible? Spiritual pleasures!

I learned that the emptiness I felt inside that no amount of food could ever fill, was really craving for spiritual nourishment, and when we provide ourselves with the nourishment that our souls are craving, the big bag of potato chips suddenly stops calling our names so loudly.

Widespread addictions are messaging us. There is a spiritual basis to addictions, and when we recognize that we are souls in need of spiritual sustenance to thrive, then we begin to get what we are here for and how to live joyful lives.

We can fill our souls by spending time appreciating nature, reaching out to those who are lonelier than we are, focusing on being grateful – or whatever works. But as we fill our lives with more and more lasting pleasure, the point of life becomes abundantly clear.