“What is the intent of the author? Of the publisher? What is the potential market and does the book meet that need? To what extent is the quality of the writing a factor? The integrity of the business will be sustained. We are idealists. We love books. We still love to read.” -Virginia Kirkus, 1893-1980

Wally's new hat

Wally Avett

Published by BelleBooks

Murder in Caney Fork

The Last Bigfoot in Dixie

Published by Argus Publishing

Coosa Flyer

Rebel Bushwhacker 

Bob Beck

The Defining Path – Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Life (available for acquisition)

Buzz headshot

Buzz Bernard

Published by BelleBooks:






Johnnie Bernhard

Published by Texas Review Press  

A Good Girl

Finalist 2017 Kindle Book Awards

Troy head shot 3 best

Troy Carnes

Published by Argus Publishing

Dudgeons and Daggers 

JeannieWebSz - Copy

Jeanne Charters

Published by Rogue Phoenix Press  

Shanty Gold 

Lace Curtain

Silk Stockings (under contract)

JR Collins

JR Collins

Published by Argus Publishing

The Boy Who Danced with Rabbits

Living Where the Rabbits Dance 


William T. Delamar

Published by Rogue Phoenix Press:


The Hidden Congregation 

Patients in Purgatory 

The Brother Voice

Darlene Dihel3

Darlene Dihel

Published by Clear Fork Publishing  

Pandamonium (under contract)

Deon Doeks

Deon Doeks

Published by Argus Publishing

The Road to Royalty 

Doster headshot

Stephen Doster

Published by John F. Blair

Voices from St. Simons

Published by Argus Publishing

Georgia Witness

Shadow Child

Rose Bush

Jesus Tree 

Her Finest Hour

(OMG) Don Quixote and Candide Seek Truth, Justice and El Dorado in the Digital Age (LOL) 

Joan Early photo

Joan Early

Published by Argus Publishing

The Other Two-Fifths

Publicity Shot 7

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Published by Argus Publishing

Please Say Kaddish For Me 

From Silt and Ashes 

As One Must, One Can

A Stone for the Journey


Ginny Fite

Published by Black Opal Books 

Cromwell’s Folly 

No Good Deed Left Undone

Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder

No End of Bad

Songs My Mother Taught Me – (available for acquisition)

J Flynn65

John Flynn 

Published by BelleBooks

Intimate Bondage

Published by Argus Publishing

Architects of Armageddon 

Murder on Air Force One 

Terror at G-20

Merchants of Death

The Girl in the Silver Bikini:The Life and Times of Angelique Pettyjohn—Showgirl, Actress, and Star Trek Siren (available for acquisition)


Bob Blackwood and John Flynn 

Published by Library Tales Publishing

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From James Bond 

Future Prime: Top Ten Science Fiction Films 


Jim Garrison

Published by TouchPoint Press



Caroline Giammanco

Published by Argus Publishing

Bank Notes: The True Story of the Boonie Hat Bandit!

Bracha Goetz

Bracha Goetz

Published by Argus Publishing

Searching for God in the Garbage

Goswitz (8)

Robert Goswitz

Published by Black Opal Books

The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune 

Robert Hirsch

Published by Argus Publishing 

Promise of the Black Monks

Hammer of God

Horde of Fools

God’s Scarlet Fury

Cup of Blood…Bread of Salvation


John House

Published by Argus Publishing


Uncommon Bond

Ann Howell

Published by Black Opal Books

The Red Tin Chocolate Box (2020)

Newfound Valley (contract pending)

Emilio Iasiello

Published by Argus Publishing

Why People Do What They Do

Scary Michael Infinito

Michael Infinito

Published by Black Opal Books

XXXtreme Discretion

A Wish to Die For

The Hanging Tree

The Colby Ghost

Hour of the Serpent 


Jennifer Johnson

Published by Argus Publishing

The Kingdom  Child

John Edwards

Jocko Lee

Published by Argus Publishing

Glass Wind Chimes 

Published by Rogue Phoenix Press

Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary 

David LeMaster

Published by Champagne Books

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Time Stops, Time Stops (under contract)

Africa square

Philip Levin

Published by Argus Publishing

The Tides of Mississippi 


RH Lewis

Published by Clear Fork Publishing

Missing Pieces 

Sara (under contract)

Keith(under contract)

Josh (under contract)

Daniel C. Lorti

Published by Argus Publishing

A Jean Termonde Novels:

The Avignon Legacy

Knights of Honor

Knights in Action (under contract)

Jim Factor Novels:

The Missing F_ctor 

The Business End


Jack Martin

Published by Blank Slate Press

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Published by TouchPoint Press:

The Clay Mysteries of the Civil War:

Treason on the Mississippi (2020)

The Siege of Knoxville (under contract)

Murder on the March (under contract)

Murder by Plague (under contract)

Assassination at Willard’s (under contract)

Destroyers of Worlds (under contract)


Amanda Matti

Published by Argus Publishing

A Foreign Affair

Voicing the Eagle

Symm Hawes McCord

Published by Argus Publishing

The Deuce: The Bravery, Valor, and Sacrifice of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment in WWII


K. D. McCrite

Published by Thomas Nelson

Confessions of April Grace: In Front of God and Everybody

Confessions of April Grace:Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks!

Confessions of April Grace: Chocolate Covered Baloney


Douglas McCullough

Published by Argus Publishing

Sea of Greed


Ian McLean

Published by Black Opal Books

Legend of Shane McLean – Quest for Vengeance 


Amber Lanier Nagle

Published by Native Ink Press

Project Keepsake


Trisha O’Keefe

Published by Argus Publishing


Published by Black Opal Books

Love Song of the Chinaberry Man

The Mama Tree

Melineh Petrosian

Published by eLectio Publishing

Cry for Rain 


Ed Protzel 

Published by TouchPoint Publishing

The Dark Horse Trilogy:

The Lies That Bind 

Honor Among Outcasts 

Something in Madness (2019)

The David Greenberg Mysteries:

The Antiquities Dealer

K Ramsperger

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

Published by TouchPoint Press

The Shores of Our Souls


Lisa Reinhard

Published by Argus Publishing

Unbreakable Will

Washed by a Beach

Psalms for the Single Mom


K. P. Robbins 

Published by Muse-It-Up Publishing

The Stonehenge Scrolls

Kathleen M. Rodgers 

Published by Deer Hawk Publications

The Final Salute

Published by Camel Press

Johnnie Come Lately

Seven Wings to Glory

Joyce Shaughnessy

Published by Black Opal Books

Glory Lost (2020)

Leta in Greece

Leta Serafim

Published by Camel Press

The Devil Takes Half

When the Devil’s Idle

From the Devil’s Farm

To Look On Death No More

Matt Sherman

Published by Argus Publishing

Picture Yourself Shooting Pool: Step-by-Step Instruction for Successful Pocket Billiards (2020)

Robert Shows

Robert Shows

Published by Ecanus Publishing

A Sentence of Death’ Words That Killed A President

Published by Argus Publishing  

The Stellar Phoenix 

Stellar Phoenix – Galactic War I  (under contract)

Stellar Phoenix – Unrequieted Peace (under contract)

Stellar Phoenix – Galactic War II (under contract)

Stellar Phoenix – The Cloak Wars (under contract)

Tom Simmons

Published by Sky Horse Publishing

The Man Called Brown Condor

Published by Rowman & Littlefield

Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and Air

Published by TouchPoint Press

By Accident of Birth 

The Last Quinn Standing

No Promise for Tomorrow

Head shot 2016

Jeanne Skartsiaris

Published by Black Opal Books

Dance Like You Mean It


Mary Nida Smith 

Published by Skyhorse Publishing

Heroes Beneath the Waves: True Submarine Stories of the 20th Century 

MarisSoule and Zuri

Maris Soule

Published by Joffe Books

A Killer Past 


David Vastola

Published by Argus Publishing

The New Reality of Nutrients

012 - Copy

Maryann Wakefield

Published by Argus Publishing

A Gentle Sun Coming


Chuck Walsh

Published by Vinspire Publishing

A Month of Tomorrows

A Passage Back

Published by Champagne Book Group

Shadows On Iron Mountain

Backwoods Justice

Published by Argus Publishing

A Splintered Dream

Lin Waterhouse

Lin Waterhouse

Published by The History Press

The West Plains Dance Hall Explosion

Published by Argus Publishing

Bred to the Bone: Deadly Secrets at Hunter’s Mill 

The Ghost of Timmy Wahl: Eternal Secrets at Hunter’s Mill

Carl Watson

Published by Argus Publishing

Kid Clay 

Published by Red Chair Press

Silent Journey 


JJ White

Published by Black Opal Books

Prodigious Savant

Deviant Acts


Doug Wilson headshot

Doug Wilson

Published by Argus Publishing

Affinity’s Window

DSC_0004 (2)

Diane Yates

Published by Argus Publishing

Pathways of the Heart

All that Matters

Syd Young

I am Houston (available for acquisition)


Joyce Zeller

Joyce Zeller passed away June 13, 2016. She will live on forever through her words.

Published by Coffeehouse Press

Maddie’s Choice

Published by Rogue Phoenix Press

The Haunting of Aaron House

Love in a Small Town