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A native of North Carolina, Lee spent over fifty years in several professions including being a fisherman, boat owner and working in the shipping industry. He is now retired and writing full-time. His scifi, Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary, was published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Lee is currently working on The Travels of Jacob Spach, a fictional account based on the travels of his grandfather around the early 1900’s. Glass Wind Chimes has become a part of him, as a part of him is scattered throughout the story.

Tar Kyler: Time Travel Mercenary 


Published by Rogue Phoenix Press

Tar Kyler Reviews

When ex-SEAL team leader, Tar Kyler is hired by an elite cartel to strong-arm a physicist who has created a time machine, the plan backfires and he becomes the scientist’s protégé. With only months to live, he has to teach Kyler everything he knows as well as ironing out a few issues with “Laws.” They discovered that if you travel to another time and make a change, then come home to the exact time you left, everything you changed went back like it was. Law #1 was that in order to make the change permanent you had to stay away at least two seconds.

Law #2 was you only got one chance to make a change. If you blew it, you were stuck with what history gave you. All the earlier attempts before they learned about Law #1 were impossible to retry because of Law #2.

Law #3 was that no matter what you did, sometimes fate is the deciding factor and you just can’t change it. You may make a few details different, but the results remained the same.

When the old man dies of cancer, Tar hides the time machine from the Cartel and they have to deal with him from now on. Although he does undertake several missions for the Cartel, Kyler refuses to put women and children in harm’s way which alters plans— and he also has a few agendas of his own. Who he recruits to assist him, how he does what he is hired to do, and also wants to do, modifies the past, present and future.

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