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A journalist by profession, Ginny Fite is the author of five novels: Cromwell’s Folly, No Good Deed Left Undone, Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder, No End of Bad, and Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea, published by Black Opal Books, in addition to three collections of poetry, and a humorous book on aging, I Should Be Dead by Now. Many of her stories have been published in literary journals. With degrees from Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University, she has also studied at the School for Women Healers and the Maryland Poetry Therapy Institute. She is a member of Thriller Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, the Maryland Writers Association and The Writer’s Center. She is currently working on a paranormal murder mystery. Born in L.A., brought up in New Jersey, long-time Maryland resident, she now lives in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Cromwell’s Folly – the first in the Sam Lagarde Mystery series


Published by Open Road Integrated Media

Cromwell’s Folly Endorsements and Reviews

Good girls, it is commonly believed, are obsessed with bad boys. Usually, they get burned. Rarely do they get revenge…

Ben Cromwell—handsome, sexy and ruthless—keeps a stable of women; picks them up the way someone picks up a ripe peach, consumes it in a few bites and throws away the pit. This time, he chose the wrong peaches.

When Detective Sam Lagarde of the Charles Town, West Virginia State Police is called to the scene of a homicide, he instantly surmises the force he is facing is far beyond what he’s dealt with before. A head in dumpster and a pinky finger with an emerald/diamond ring attached is all he has to go by.

Doggedly following lead after lead, Lagarde stumbles upon five women who all have one thing in common…

Ben Cromwell.

No Good Deed Left Undone – the second in the Sam Lagarde Mystery Series


Published by Open Road Integrated Media

No Good Deed Left Undone Reviews

When Grant Wodehouse went to the barn that fine morning, he had no idea what good, bad, or ugly would take place—saddle a couple of horses, a little S&M with his neighbor and a pitchfork through his chest, pinning him to the wall, is what.

Who would not want him dead? Having bedded every female he’d ever laid eyes on, swindled anyone he had ever had business dealings with, and ignored and ostracized his children, one person said it was time to meet his maker…but who?


 LYING, CHEATING & OCCASIONALLY MURDER the third in the Sam Lagarde Mystery Series


Published by Open Road Integrated Media

Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder Reviews

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When it comes to murder, even brilliant scientists aren’t immune.

The night Harold Munson is shot dead in his car, the primary suspect is the man’s brainiac wife. But Charlotte, who has a passion for science and sex with strangers, swears all she wants is a Nobel Prize for curing brain cancer, even if that requires fudging her research and a few dead patients along the way.

When the next body drops, all signs point to Charlotte, but Detective Sam Lagarde doggedly follows the clues until he has his own Eureka moment.


No End of Bad – the fourth in the Sam Lagarde Mystery series


Published by Open Road Integrated Media

A DC conspiracy novel of grand proportions.

Washington, D.C. housewife Margaret Turnbull’s world literally blows up after her husband, FBI agent Clay Turnbull, is falsely arrested and killed by agents working for an international drug cartel.

Unbeknownst to Margaret, her enemy’s tentacles reach all the way to the White House and control senior personnel. Their powerful enterprise in jeopardy, the assassins will stop at nothing to cover their tracks. With cutting-edge surveillance—CIA, FBI, and NSA technology— there is nowhere to hide, no one to trust, no one is safe…anywhere.


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