Kris Condi

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Kris Condi is a tax professional and a former college professor. She is from Chicago, Illinois and divides her time between living in her home in rural Illinois, her condominium in the south, and her lake house in Michigan.

Because of You (available for acquisition)

It is the 1970s. The United States engages in the Vietnam war. Cultural influences spill from the 1960s. Space exploration continues. The Supreme Court focuses on Roe VS Wade. Women’s rights are challenging while skirts get shorter, and hair grows longer.

The note found on the kitchen counter indicates her mother would be gone a while. For thirteen-year-old Miami Barker “a while” means longer than an hour. Brenda Barker is no stranger to leaving her children for a day or two to search for some get rich quick scheme. Days become weeks and weeks become months and Brenda Barker is still not home.

Miami and her older brother Warren realize they are on their own in the double-wide community where adults have no sense of responsibility. Warren and Miami experience the tumultuous 1970s without guidance, without money.

Miami continues to pursue her hunt into adulthood where she learns the truth about her mother’s mysterious yet warranted absence.