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A writer of mainly factual and historical fiction, Daniel C. Lorti is the author of the Jean Termonde NovelsThe Avignon LegacyKnights of Honor, Knights in Action, and The Neptune Project; the Jim Factor NovelsThe Missing F_ctor (published by Open Road Integrated Media) and The Business End, which embody Lorti’s professional background as an arms broker in outstanding suspense thrillers; The Mulligan, a parody on do-overs/second chances, which includes part of his A Two-Man Play – An Interview with Bobby Jones, Jr.; and The Writer’s Tool Box, a clear, concise, and inclusive guide for aspiring, beginning, or accomplished writers in all facets of creating, sustaining, and completing a first draft. It provides a step-by-step description with examples of the major phases right up to the finished manuscript. Suggestions and recommendations concerning the next phase include external review, finding an agent, and promoting your accomplishment.

An aerospace engineer with sensors, weapons, and intelligence background, he was the Chief Radar Engineer for the Northrop Grumman Corporation and was on President Clinton’s twenty-member committee for Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland. A former international arms broker, he conducted business in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. During his career, he, with partners, sold a successful aerospace company to the Northrop Grumman Corporation. A member of Mystery Writers of America, the Historical Writers of America, and the International Thriller Writers, he currently resides in Newport Coast, California. Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency.


The Missing F_ctor 

Published by Open Road Integrated Media

The Missing F_ctor Reviews

The Missing F_ctor

A former international arms dealer brings his unique expertise to this twisting, action-packed spy thriller.

From his elegant home in Southern California, Jim Factor negotiates legitimate weapons deals for his clients in Europe. But when he’s approached with a shady job that pays too well to refuse, the one-time deal may be his last. With the Russian mafia after him, Factor must disappear quick—and telling his wife, Diane, anything about the situation would only put her in danger.

Hiding out in San Francisco and preparing for a life on the run, Factor is tracked down by a private detective—and the Russians aren’t far behind. Now his only chance at survival is to fight a ruthless, deadly enemy face-to-face. From Alcatraz Island to Spain and the Balkans, The Missing Factor is an international spy thriller shot through with authentic spy craft.

The Business End (available for acquisition)

The Business End Reviews

Jim Factor has been released from his obligation to Dimitri Federov…

Returning home, Jim Factor and his wife, Diane, are targeted by a rival mafia organization and, for their safety, flee to Bulgaria. Now, he is caught up in a potential mafia conflict, involving the Russian Federation Security Bureau, the old KGB, the Russian Federation President, the U.S. Air Force intelligence, a former U.S. Russian specialist, and the Varna police. Factor and Federov conceive a lengthy scam to forestall any of the rival’s actions while he strives to increase the company’s business with Russian aircraft manufacturers. Sooner or later, the rival mafia mob will discover the ruse and marshal its forces against Federov, who is determined to avoid any overt aggressive retribution.

A tightrope act whose success is dependent on deception and timing.



The Avignon Legacy (available for acquisition)

The Avignon Legacy Reviews  

Two inventive and audacious men separated by 700 years.

One incomparable treasure, hidden for centuries.

A legendary mystery waiting to be solved.

When Pope Gregory XI abruptly decides to move the Papacy back to Rome in 1377, chaos and rebellion descend upon both Avignon and the Papal States in Italy.  The Rome-based Pope’s foes and critics are everywhere and any shipment of the papal treasury from Avignon to the Vatican is at risk. An ingenious location is devised by Sir Jean Termonde, a heroic knight, to secure the treasure from discovery until it can be transferred to Rome.

The papal treasure never arrived at the Vatican, and the legend of the lost gold and jewels has grown over the centuries.

Rare book dealer Jim Pierce’s expertise is in tracking down and retrieving old volumes coveted by well-heeled clients. He has little interest in the French Middle Ages until two armed thugs enter his bookstore demanding an ancient 14th Century volume on the Avignon Papacy that mentions the Church’s treasury. They are killed thanks to Pierce’s precautionary measures. When he receives an offer of $5 million from the legendary billionaire recluse John W. Baxter, to steal a 14th Century volume from the Vatican Secret Archives, his interest is piqued leading him to wonder if Baxter wants the volume or if the contents are related to the treasure. So Pierce sets out to attempt two thefts: the volume from the Vatican, and the treasure from Avignon. That’s when he discovers the French and the British police are on Baxter’s heels who is, in turn, after him.


Knights of Honor (available for acquisition)

The Second Jean Termonde Novel

Knights of Honor Reviews

For two French knights, Sir Jean and Sir Maurice, a twist of fate begins with a request from the French Crown to use their acquaintance with the Avignon Popes to persuade the present Pope to pay taxes. Their success leads to a French trade mission to Italy and interface with the leaders of there.

Upon completion, Sir Maurice is instructed by Duke Marcel Chatillon, his father, to follow in his footsteps as mayor of Arles and Sir Jean is appointed French ambassador to Italy, stationed in Rome, involving him in deep intrigues—Italian city-states vying for territory, a battle royal for control of Southern Italy led by an Avignon pope-sponsored French force, the war with England, and the pirate threat in the Mediterranean. Utilizing tact and daring, he, with the aid of Sir Maurice, encounters a dashing English captain turned French privateer, a legendary mercenary, a Roman cardinal, and a covert spy.


Knights in Action (available for acquisition)

The Third Jean Termonde Novel

Knights in Action Reviews

Duke Jean Termonde, French Ambassador to Italy, in a search of information pertinent to French interests, finds a northern Italian city-state preparing territorial expansion among warring cities, a rouge Roman pope with designs on an Italian kingdom, and a French invasion of Southern Italy sponsored by the Avignon anti-pope. Seeking timely information means putting himself in danger and initiating a spy network operating out of the embassy. Friendships with the Mayor of Arles, a French privateer, city-state rulers, and a Vatican cardinal are fraught with adventure and danger. A twist of fate moves him into a dangerous situation with the English enemy in the middle of a coup d’état and the Hundred Years’ War.


The Neptune Project (available for acquisition)

The Fourth Jean Termonde Novel

(cover by Daniel C. Lorti)

Four audacious men join together in a venture for risk and reward.

The accomplishment is fraught with unforeseen perils.

The outcome depends on their ability to counter with ingenuity and luck.

Four adventurous men undertake the challenge of building of an armed merchant ship, the Neptune, three times larger than any other, to compete with powerful Venice for the prized trade in the East. They will encounter the sea power and vengeance of Venice who will attempt to capture or sink the Neptune. Meanwhile, the ambitious Spanish navy wants the ship for its own and is prepared to field a squadron of warships to intercept and take possession of the ship as well. They must find a way to even the odds in the battle to overcome the treachery and greed of these formidable threats.


The Mulligan (available for acquisition)

The Mulligan Reviews

How many times have you thought, If I could do it again, things would be different? Suppose someone gave you the opportunity and you did it. Then, years later, you had the same thought… and the same opportunity…

Michael Callahan is an aged public golf course instructor down on his luck with a history of missteps and wasted opportunities. He encounters an old woman in a bar who asks, “If you could do it again and retain your memories, would you?” The moment he accepts, he finds himself back in his sophomore year of college, attempting to alter the course of his life. The now-calculated decisions will place him on an altogether different path with unexpected choices.


The Writer’s Tool Box (available for acquisition)

Do you want to start writing? Are you having trouble sticking to it? Now that you did it, what are the follow-up options? The Writer’s Tool Box presents a clear, concise, and inclusive guide for aspiring, beginning, or accomplished writers in all facets of creating, sustaining, and completing a first draft. It provides a step-by-step description with examples of the major phases right up to the finished manuscript. Suggestions and recommendations concerning the next phase include external review, finding an agent, and promoting your accomplishment.

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