James Washburn

James Washburn was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, initiating an intimate rapport with the natural environment and life in the North Country. Drawing from his connections to native North American Indian and Inuit people, as well as a deeply personal spiritual history in traditional Christianity, he weaves a story that transcends ethnicity and culture. He speaks to the universal desires of the human heart with simplicity and passion.

“Life is too important to spend it making a living” has been James’s mantra since youth. Choosing a three-decade career in education gave him time for extensive travel and experience within many of the most remote corners of North America. His appreciation for solitude and a self-reliant nature, however, belie his enthusiasm to promote an understanding of humanity’s interdependence and the unity of all people. James’s education includes degrees in geography, health, and learning resources along with extensive scholarly study in historical theology and psychology. He is also an able photographer and experienced speaker. James’s most recent communion with Mother Earth has been a complete hike of the approximate 1,200-mile-long Ice Age trail.

Washburn’s Words from Pep, a compilation of short muses, is being used for the prequel to Touching Spirit, which chronicles Grandfather’s life. To listen to audio excerpts done by Washburn reading as Grandfather.

Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike (available for acquisition)

Touching Spirit: Letters of Minominike Endorsements and Reviews

Touching Spirit is based on a native grandfather’s letters written to re-mind his adopted grandson of who he is and where he came from. From death to life giving ecstasy, we follow the life journeys of two men separated by generations and culture as they find meaning and rest for their lives.

This is a novel that pierces the core of humanity’s longing for inner peace and opens for us the simple joy of being. The Letters of Minominike bring insight and encouragement to live in the reality of transcendent love.

“When I read this manuscript, I took notes—twenty-two pages of notes. It opened my eyes! Although it is categorized as fictional, the location is actual, some characters are historical, and it is based on real-life experiences of the author. It is grandly inspirational. The old saying, “You can never go back” is so wrong. Sometimes you must reconnect with the past, in order to complete the future.”

— CJ Loiacono

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