This is the junk that Big Pharma and our government approved to put in the experimental jabs to control us.

Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember? — Mark 8:18 Yes, Jesus was talking about Himself, but we are His Children. We must see and hear!

This is the junk that Big Pharma and our government approved to put in the experimental jabs to control us. DOCTORS AROUND THE WORLD ARE SPEAKING OUT Nano Particles – Dancing Hydro Gel – Graphene Oxide ( black goo ) that coats the Red Blood Cells making it harder for them to absorb Oxygen – 5 G Micro Chip technology that sends data up to the satellites as the cells deteriorate and Die – Spike Proteins that cause Blood Clots & Heart Attacks , Inflammation of the Brain , Strokes & Seizures , a constant attack to destroy the Immune System – Snake Venom and Metal Particles found in 1.2 Million doses in Japan – Embalmers everywhere report finding Large Fibrous Strands growing in the Major Arteries blocking the Blood Circulation causing Sudden Death – Sodium Azide, a Poison being found on the swabs of Home Test Kits , just like the rigged results of the PCR Test where healthy people are testing Positive – Now , Traces of Mercury have been found in the Winter Flu Shots ! Nuremberg Code 2.0 = Crimes Against Humanity for the Use of Bio Weapons. War Criminals that need to be arrested and taken for Military Tribunals at GITMO THIS MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN = IN GOD WE TRUST

Open Road Integrated Media has just released Robert E. Hirsch’s The Dark Ages Saga of Tristan de Saint-Germain!

Hirsch’s mastery of the word captures a love that spans space and time… against all odds.

Robert E. Hirsch’s five epic novels in the The Dark Ages Saga of Tristan de Saint-GermainPromise of the Black Monks, Hammer of GodA Horde of FoolsGod’s Scarlet Fury, and Cup of Blood…Bread of Salvation vividly unearth the political, spiritual, and military chaos of Europe during the end of the 11th Century. Beginning with the Investiture War between Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Heinrich IV of Germany, and ending with the capture of Jerusalem during the First Holy Crusade, the series precisely and accurately dissects the exploitive, unforgiving struggle for power between Church and Crown to control territory, hoard wealth, and claim dominion over the populace.

Medieval life and warfare, Benedictine monastery culture, and Church political intrigue erupt with searing action and heart-throttling emotion during history’s blackest age of brutality, ignorance, and superstition. The Gregorian Church battles to establish independence from Emperor Heinrich IV, but in the shadows, it also begins to set an intractable course toward holy war against Islam—the Crusades.

Behold, in the middle of chaos there lies hope…

Born of French nobility in 1066, seven-year-old Tristan de Saint-Germain’s father is executed for treason against William the Conqueror. Abandoned, Tristan is cast into the rigid, monastic world of the Benedictine Order. Under the tutelage of Grand Prior Odo de Lagery, Tristan’s frightening intelligence and perception turn him into an academic and linguistic prodigy by age twelve. With time, Tristan’s rise makes him vital to Benedictine intrigue and the Gregorian papacy, forcing him into the visceral power struggle between Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Heinrich IV to claim supremacy over Europe.

Even as Tristan matures and the fate of Church and Crown waver in the balance, he has never forgotten Mala the Romani, a fleeing gypsy girl of mysterious origins he met by chance at age seven as he was being sent to Burgundy and the Black Monks. From the moment of that first encounter, though both were but children, each felt in the other a shared dispossession and loneliness; one that had been forced upon them by an unforgiving world driven by power and privilege. Trapped in childhood and adolescence by thrashing political currents beyond their ability to repulse, as adults the two struggle to survive in their own respective spheres; never surrendering, never losing hope, nor ever abandoning love of the other despite damnation by Church law, cultural intolerance, and war.

Robert E. Hirsch retired in 2012 as the Superintendent of the Ocean Springs School District along the Mississippi Gulf Coast where he now resides with his wife, Melissa. After forty years in education (both public and private), he chose to realize his college dream: writing historical fiction erupting with action and intrigue while also unearthing readers’ deepest emotions and personal angst as concerns the human heart.

Having experienced his own adversities concerning racial stigmas, nationality, and Catholic doctrine, Hirsch writes with distinct accuracy of the walled façade individuals construct to insulate themselves against others and the terrors of life no less formidable than those constructed by powerful and established institutions. According to Hirsch, “We are all caught, at times, in raging currents that strip us of our ability to fight or overcome circumstance. Does one then surrender, or take on a battle beyond all odds… leaving hope as the sole and final ally?”

Hirsch’s first novel, Contrition (JournalStone, 2012), sparked his authoring of the five-book series, all published by Open Road Integrated Media and represented by Loiacono Literary Agency. The audio version of Promise of the Black Monks can be found on Audible, narrated by Joshua Young.





OK, folks, here’s one of the WORST bills – Ranked Choice Voting (aka Instant Runoff Voting). This needs to be fought starting right now! Here’s the link to the bill:

  • Notify your County GOP Chair and express your opposition to HB 200
  • Email and call your GA State Rep/Senator
  • Email your opposition to the sponsors of HB 200 – they are listed below
  • SPONSOR                       DISTRICT                  EMAIL                                                PHONE
  • Gullett, Joseph                 19th                   
  • 404-656-0178
  • Evans, Stacey                    57th                   
  • 404-656-0116
  • Pirkle, Clay                       169th                 
  • 404-656-5912
  • Anderson, Victor             10th                   
  • 404-656-0325
  • Oliver, Mary Margaret     82nd                   
  • 404-656-0265



Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Randall Brown’s Men of Valor- A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood!

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Randall Brown’s Men of Valor– A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood!

Society is failing to provide men direction for their growth to manhood. Men of Valor– A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood delivers a practical, easy-to-follow roadmap.

The definition of Valor is acting with great courage when facing danger or challenges. This book provides guidance to men interested in a path to courageous manhood with straightforward examples. Men do not have clear guidelines and expectations for attaining manhood in our culture. Society has moved on from preparing boys to become men. Manhood is either not discussed positively, or it is vague, prescribing more what not to do rather than what should be done. Men of Valor, aka MOV, fills this void with a straightforward approach providing men of all ages a roadmap to courageous manhood. Culture tells men to be soft and compliant, which doesn’t prepare them for the world outside their parents’ care, or it tells them through music and social media to use women for sex and leave them like water bottles littered throughout their lives. There is a much more positive, effective path of integrity. This book calls men to this higher level of expectations with specific recommendations and exercises.

Randall Brown is a successful IT Executive in the Federal and Commercial consulting space. He has led teams of over 150 people growing businesses and delivering federal solutions across many Federal and Commercial customers. As a father of three boys and two girls, with the youngest recently eclipsing the age of eighteen, he reflects on the messaging he provided his children, where it could have been better, and the most essential points for manhood. He shares stories from his childhood that he endured and how they impacted his approach as a husband and father. The knowledge he wishes he had as both an adolescent male, as a husband, and father is shared in this book. His personal stories explaining his lack of good modeling in his own home are transparent and relatable to men young and old alike. The easy-to-understand lessons provided in the book should be taught by our schools and families to young men on their journey to manhood. They inform men of age-old expectations that are still relevant in this culture.

Brown is represented by Jeanie Loiacono, Loiacono Literary Agency.


A Conversation with Empowering Children’s Author Bracha Goetz, Author of Searching for God in the Garbage

A Conversation with Empowering Children’s Author Bracha Goetz, Author of Searching for God in the Garbage

Bracha Goetz is a Harvard-educated author of 41 books that help children’s souls shine joins Joshua T Berglan for a powerful, inspiring conversation about life, love, healing from abuse,

Her books can be found at Goetz Bookshop .

Thank you for being a part of this broadcast!

Author William Delamar has crossed over…

The youngest of six children, William Delamar was born on December 15, 1927, and grew up in Durham, NC. ‘Billy’ and his next older brother, Chris, were close and encouraged each other’s mischief effectively. They used to go to the Baptist church down the street because there were doughnuts. Their parents were Episcopalian, but they didn’t mind the boys going to the Baptist church. It got them out from underfoot. Billy and Chris had contests to see who could eat the most doughnuts. The church let them, probably thinking they’d at least learn about the Lord while they were there. Bill told how he sang in Sunday school, “Yes, Jesus loves me, He is weak but we are strong.” The teacher was not amused. They sat at the back of the sanctuary and rolled acorns under the pews to see if they could hit the wood riser at the front.

A depression-era kid, he learned early the value of a penny, particularly when he lost his father at age 11. He got his first job at 14 in an ice cream shop and turned over his earnings to his mom to help with family expenses. Not long after that, he was hired at Duke University as an aide in the library. His job was to deliver books and papers to various university professors and to help the woman running the library in any way he could. He told a story about how his boss, Exie Duncan, liked to feed the squirrels, especially one named Pee Wee, until he bit her hand as she held out a peanut to him. The university blog archives still carry a news article on this stunning event.

He had a one-day job in 1942, the one and only time that the Rose Bowl was not played in Pasadena. Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor less than a month before, the game was moved to Duke, where he and several of his buddies were hired to sell bottled sodas to the crowd. He sold a few sodas, and as soon as the game started, sat down and enjoyed every minute, selling additional sodas only to himself.

At 17, he decided he would join the Navy. A string bean kid, he didn’t weigh enough and was rejected. Determined, he went back and was rejected again. He was told he needed to gain 15 pounds. On the morning of his next attempt, he ate 15 pounds of bananas. The doctor kept poking his protruding stomach and finally said, “anyone who wants to get into the Navy that bad, I will accept!” He was trained as a meteorologist and spent the war mostly in Bermuda, far from battle activity. It was a tough assignment, but he “weathered” it out.

After his stint with the Navy, he enrolled at Pitt University, near one of his sisters with whom he lived. In those days, many colleges had “tall clubs.” Students had to be at least 5’ 10” to join. He joined the Tip Toppers. One evening, his club had a dance party with another tall club from the campus, the Star Dusters, where he met his wife-to-be, Gloria. Not long afterwards, they were both leaving a campus building at the same time and he made a disparaging remark about her beloved Pitt football team. She handed him her pile of books and said, “Here, hold these.” She then proceeded to playfully slap him in the face and calmly take her books back. That was the moment they knew they were meant for each other. Married at Heinz Chapel on campus in 1951, they went on to have 5 children.

Bill Delamar graduated as an English major, but by a series of connections and flukes, ended up being offered a job in hospital management. He eventually earned a master’s degree in hospital administration and instituted important changes in how hospitals would be run for years to come. He was one of the first members of HIMSS (Hospital Information Management Systems Society) and received a special award a few years ago recognizing his contributions to what has now become an international guidance organization for hospitals.

He was hired as a hospital administrator at MCV hospital in Richmond, VA in 1967, where one of his first actions was to close the segregated ER for people of color, not only shutting its doors but having renovation done so it could never serve its previous purpose again. Forever after, all patients were treated in the same ER. While in Virginia, he and his wife, Gloria, were active in the Unitarian Church, which began the Richmond Public Forum, now known as the Richmond Forum. They rubbed shoulders with a number of dignitaries and helped bring fascinating, educational, and entertaining guests to Richmond.

After 10 years with MCV, Bill accepted a job in Philadelphia. There, he served at Einstein Hospital, Temple University Hospital, and Metropolitan Hospital, making vital changes in each. At retirement, not being one to actually retire, he began a consulting business for hospitals and other organizations needing help with reformatting their business models. He and Gloria were active in the Unitarian Society of Germantown, both serving as board members multiple times.

He was a diligent writer and has several published novels: The Hidden Congregation, Patients in Purgatory, and The CareTakers — all published by Open Road Media. His other novel, published by Rogue Phoenix Press, The Brother Voice, is a work of well-researched historical fiction about twin brothers during the Civil War, one fighting for the south and one for the north. He and his wife were active in the Philadelphia Writer’s Club, both serving on the board in various capacities.

In 2016, he lost his beloved wife of 55 years. He was eventually persuaded by his daughter Keltcie to move to Virginia to live with his youngest daughter Keallie and her husband. He was with them for 3 years and was active, working on a sequel to one of his novels, enjoying his great-grandchildren, and entertaining the family with many stories from his childhood.

William T Delamar passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday, November 20, 2022. He was less than a month away from his 95th birthday. He is survived by all of his children: Graelie, Keltcie, Keallie, Dawson, and Crohan; two of his grandchildren, Hayley and Stephen; and two great-grandchildren, Winnie and King. He was predeceased by his beloved wife, Gloria, all of his siblings, and one of his grandchildren, Trevor. He is now at peace.

~Written/edited by daughters Keallie Wozny and Keltcie Delamar.


Open Road Integrated Media has just released Daniel C. Lorti’s The Missing F_ctor!

Open Road Integrated Media has just released Daniel C. Lorti’s The Missing F_ctor!

Buy The Missing Factor at Amazon



The Missing F_ctor

by Daniel C. Lorti

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Published by Open Road Media


A former international arms dealer brings his unique expertise to this twisting, action-packed spy thriller.

From his elegant home in Southern California, Jim Factor negotiates legitimate weapons deals for his clients in Europe. But when he’s approached with a shady job that pays too well to refuse, the one-time deal may be his last. With the Russian mafia after him, Factor must disappear quick—and telling his wife, Diane, anything about the situation would only put her in danger.

Hiding out in San Francisco and preparing for a life on the run, Factor is tracked down by a private detective—and the Russians aren’t far behind. Now his only chance at survival is to fight a ruthless, deadly enemy face-to-face. From Alcatraz Island to Spain and the Balkans, The Missing Factor is an international spy thriller shot through with authentic spy craft.

A writer of mainly factual and historical fiction, Daniel C. Lorti is the author of the Jean Termonde NovelsThe Avignon LegacyKnights of Honor, Knights in Action, and The Neptune Project; the Jim Factor NovelsThe Missing F_ctor and The Business End, which embody Lorti’s professional background as an arms broker in outstanding suspense thrillers; The Mulligan, a parody on do-overs/second chances, which includes part of his A Two-Man Play – An Interview with Bobby Jones, Jr.; and The Writer’s Tool Box, a clear, concise, and inclusive guide for aspiring, beginning, or accomplished writers in all facets of creating, sustaining, and completing a first draft. It provides a step-by-step description with examples of the major phases right up to the finished manuscript. Suggestions and recommendations concerning the next phase include external review, finding an agent, and promoting your accomplishment. All published by W&B Publishing, except The Missing F_ctor, which is published by Open Road Integrated Media.

An aerospace engineer with sensors, weapons, and intelligence background, he was the Chief Radar Engineer for the Northrop Grumman Corporation and was on President Clinton’s twenty-member committee for Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland. A former international arms broker, he conducted business in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. During his career, he, with partners, sold a successful aerospace company to the Northrop Grumman Corporation. A member of Mystery Writers of America, the Historical Writers of America, and the International Thriller Writers, he currently resides in Newport Coast, California. Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency.