The Best and Most Motivational Books for Women Part 1

The Best and Most Motivational Books for Women Part 1

In a world that is rife with supposedly successful people flexing and showing off all day long online how much better they are than you because whatever reason they might personally come up with (hint: most have to do with how much money they supposedly have), is a little difficult to maintain motivation, especially if you don’t have the social advantages many of them surely possess.

This is especially true for women that spend time on social media sites scrolling through the so amazingly successful achievement of others: The girl with the perfect body, the one which landed a rich husband despite her dubious reputation, the heiress whose only work ever has been painting her nails which she started outsourcing at fifteen years old, etc. the list is endless.

Instead of endlessly going down a path of self-depreciation by doing that, you better find yourself a healthy dose of motivation that can carry you to achieve what many out there just pretend to have. Women who read these motivational books written can develop proper motivation far from the toxicity of social media that will allow them to focus on their own very real success.

#9 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Searching for God in the Garbage is an extremely candid memoir based on the actual diary entries of a Harvard grad who discovers there is a spiritual basis to emotional health. It is a game-changing book that inspires readers to fill their inner emptiness by nourishing their souls.

Young Feminists’ Reading List Of 13 Appropriate Books

Young Feminists’ Reading List Of 13 Appropriate Books

#4 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

It breaks my heart to have so many aspiring young feminists who have just begun their journey in learning about equality being ruthlessly mocked by bad actors, antisocial trolls online, and uninformed citizens that regurgitate exaggerated talking points meant to demonize us.

The hostility directed at young feminists online can lead them stray into some fringe, corrupted mock form of feminism. To them, I rather recommend they get offline and read the following books written with young feminists in mind. These books serve as a safe source of knowledge about what feminism is truly about.


Women All Around Love These Inspirational Books Part 2

Women All Around Love These Inspirational Books Part 2

#1 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Inspiration is something that very hard to come by for the people that grew up on the digital age, everything seems to have been done before by somebody else! Can anyone be truly original at this point or are we just deluding ourselves?

But don’t despair, you are just looking at it the wrong way. Instead of trying feeling bad because of all these stories of achievements out there, why not learn about it and get motivated to reach the same highs? By reading these inspirational books meant for women you can easily relate to the struggles presented and learn the ways to overcome them to further your own life’s goals.


Foul Designated Survivor

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18 Books a 29 Year Old Woman Can Immensely Enjoy

18 Books a 29 Year Old Woman Can Immensely Enjoy 

#18 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

If you are a woman who wants to have the rest of your life filled with deep and lasting pleasure, experience the consciousness-raising and very candid memoir, Searching for God in the Garbage. It’s about a Harvard-grad female in her twenties and early thirties searching for and finally finding meaning and great joy in life.

The almost-thirty girls can relate to these pages.

Twenty-nine-year-old, commonly known in the women world as ‘Almost thirty’, is the dreaded age where women begin to double their race against the clock to finally land the promised life where you have it all, or so they say.

Conventional wisdom has us believe 29-year-old women are one step away from a catastrophic event where they’ll lose all of their attractiveness, making them ‘invisible’ in the eyes of their potential suitors.

Nonsense, as we all know, age is but a number and there’s little it can do to diminish who we are as people. Forget about the naysayers and treat yourself by reading these books written for 29-year-old women that reminds us clearly of the power we hold.


22 Year Olds Got To Read These 20 Awesome Books

22 Year Olds Got To Read These 20 Awesome Books

Reading for those two decades plus two old.

#2 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

Why would a 22-year-old woman who was a successful and popular Harvard grad be desperately searching for meaning in life? Searching for God in the Garbage is a unique and candid coming-of-age memoir about filling inner emptiness in a joyful and spiritual way.

When reaching the second decade of your life you are gonna get hit with a situation and daunting questions that never in your whole life you would have thought you’ll have to deal or you were even aware of their existence.

While this might be a disorienting time for those going through it, it is also a time of untold potential for them given that they’re supplied with the right tools to develop themselves into something greater.

One of the areas they’ll certainly need to develop is in the mind, and the best tool to do so are books full of relatable stories to inspire and expand the thought of its readers. Grow up and develop into something greater, take a read at the best books 22-year-olds can read right now.