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Thanks for the reminder…

By Jeanie

For those of us who cherish the smallest of things, found, given or inherited, Project Keepsake validates our desires and feelings. As I read the stories, I thought of all the little “keepsakes” I have stored away; items that only have meaning to me, even though I hope they will someday for my children and grandchildren. Regardless, they are in a safe place. Some on display and others in storage, each one has a story behind them. Thank you, Amber, for letting me know that they matter.


By Anonymous

This collection of short reflections is a must read for those who share in the love of treasured keepsakes. I have laughed and cried at the stories that have been included in this book.

Fantastically Interesting

By Phyllis Qualls Freeman

Yes, I wrote two stories for the book, but as I read those from other authors, I’m so impressed. Each story has not only memory thoughts from the author but expressions which made you wish you had kept more things from years ago. Fun to hear the personal stories as well as the background of the piece. Get several of these book and have an “on-hand,” unique birthday gift or Christmas gift. Think of Mother’s Day too. This is a book Grandma would love. Can you tell I’m excited about the result of Amber’s project?


An idea coming to fruition, an idea that will bless many

By Barbara G. Tucker

Amber Nagle had a dream to share stories about personal items that are meaningful to people, regular, normal people. Regular, normal items that others would not see any value to, and might even discard, but for the individuals who keep them, these items are embued with great meaning. Read this book and be blessed by stories of keepsakes and their significance, because these are human stories and human characters. Then look at what you own–and we own a lot–and be mindful of what really matters.

A keepsake is a little piece of history and a window through which we can better understand one another….

By David Brian Aft

As a contributor to Project Keepsake, I am gratified to be part of such a diverse collection of stories. As a reader, I found the stories life affirming. Ms. Nagle notes that “everyone has a keepsake and every keepsake tells a story”. I think the aspect of Project Keepsake that touched me most were the voices of each author and the stories that first build a bridge between writer and keepsake and then between writer and reader. The gift here is seeing the value of everyday items through the eyes of others. Each keepsake is a bridge between its owner and something bigger, something poignant, something or someone memorable. The keepsake is the link. The stories are a celebration of the very things that make us human and the fabric of our lives so rich.

Project Keepsake reminds me that we are all part of a larger family and on a common journey. A keepsake is so much more than a possession and Project Keepsake is so much more than a collection of stories.

I can’t wait for the sequel!


Project Keepsake Great Read!!

By Sue D.

I love the book!! I’ve enjoyed reading so many heartfelt stories about keepsakes. Amber had a great idea and ran with it. So glad she did!!

True tales of family, friends and what matters most

By Fictionlover

Fifty-five tales capture mementos ranging from a music box to a purple Tupperware cup, from an ugly quilt to bands of gold. Behind what each author chooses to keep is a story of a family member or friend, of a time and a place. Many of the keepsakes are not valuable objects, but the stories behind them reveal treasures of the heart. If you like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books you’ll want to read these stories!

Project Keepsake

By Gloria Cooley

I enjoyed the book very much! I think the well written stories will make people take notice of all the keepsakes they have in their home. I have also enjoyed the 2 book readings/signings I attended. I hope another book is in the making!

Gloria Cooley

A Heartwarming Collection of Smiles

By James Swearingen

This anthology of humorous and endearing anecdotes is an easy read and the perfect way to unwind. Put up your feet and thumb through these pages to discover how some of the most unlikely, everyday items became priceless treasures in the lives of these storytellers. Warning: this book may prompt recollections that might spark an expedition to your attic. Its smiles are contagious!

Five Stars

By Rachel Eggleston

Enjoy reading a story each day and following the website.


Great book to own, great book to gift!

By kland

Project Keepsake is a heartfelt collection of stories from people on all different walks of life. We all have one thing in common, a love for our memories. This book honors those memories and has encouraged me to write about my own keepsakes.

5.0 out of 5 starsA charming book filled with a treasure-trove of stories about .

By Gardengal

A charming book filled with a treasure-trove of stories about the things we keep, and why we keep them. I promise, after reading this book you’ll polish your own keepsake and tell others why it matters to you.