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Living in the South, Deep South, you don’t expect blizzards, but with “global warming” and all the crazy weather, you never know what to expect. Look at what is happening right now! 2,200 Miles of Wintry Mess Coming Read the Story Reality bites like Jack Frost! That is why reading this book made my toes tingle with frost bite. We are not prepared for snow and ice at all, and we tend to say ‘it’ll never happen.’ HA! Buzz knows how to connect you to the characters—feel their anxiety, pain and, in this one, the cold. I HIGHLY recommend reading BLIZZARD by Buzz Bernard and all of his books! The weatherman even ties the storm we are experiencing with his last book, SUPERCELL. I had to share.  You did it again, Buzz. We want more!!!

* J Loiacono, literary agent