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Chuck Walsh, author of A Month of TomorrowsA Passage Back and A Splintered Dream is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and discovered a passion for writing in 2004. Since then, he has written human-interest articles for a dozen publications. He also co-authored Faces of Freedom (featured on Sean Hannity’s book list), a book that recognizes the noble lives of U.S. soldiers who died while fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.


“Chuck Walsh is a new kind of disciplined writer who—unlike many of his contemporaries in the e-media age where everyone sees themselves as a writer—serves as a model of the old school where mastery of the art is the only way to earn (and truly own) the title, “writer.” Walsh is indeed a writer in the purest sense, and a marvelous one at that; his mastery of the craft demonstrated by the ease, deftness, unpretentiousness and authority with which he tells a story.”

  • Thomas Smith Jr., author, columnist, former adjunct professor of journalism, and a New York Times bestselling military technical adviser and editor

“Chuck Walsh is one of the most committed, passionate, and talented writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and reading in a long time. [He] constantly seeks new ways to refine his already solid work. Chuck Walsh is one of the best. He writes, not for himself, but for his readers.”

—Thomas Smith, Jr. author, Encyclopedia of the Central Intelligence Agency                                      

“Chuck Walsh is a master storyteller, a writer of extraordinary sensitivity and craftsmanship.  Walsh’s fiction shows an uncommon understanding of his characters and their relationships.  His writing is both dynamic and economical, with a special energy in dialogue that keeps the reader turning pages.”

— Charles Israel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English

A Month of Tomorrows 

AMonthofTomorrows 453x680

Published by Vinspire Publishing

A Month of Tomorrows Reviews

“Poignant, dramatic and historically accurate, A Month of Tomorrows deftly weaves the lives of its characters past and present into a powerful and unique story.”

— Paul Dinas, Independent Editor

Based on a true story, it is a memoir dictated to a journalist who gains much more than a story, but also the rebirth of his family. Called to his bedside, Pete is introduced to a simple man whose life is woven between the jungles of the Philippines during WWII and the rolling hills of Tennessee; seen through the eyes of Samuel Gable, a war hero down to his final days on earth. Gable, who is in fact Walsh’s uncle, was accredited for restoring the Ville Verde Monument in 1987 in Luzon which was desecrated after its erection in 1945.

When Pete is asked to write the life and times of Samuel Gable, he has no idea the depth of the river he has been asked to swim, nor where the currents are about to take him. Without regard, he pushes all else aside, including his family, as he is overcome by the waters of the past; waters which he sees as an undertow but in reality is a whirlpool that ends up shooting him up and out to a new life and fresh start. One man’s recollections of war, loyal devotion to God, country and family and determination to put it all into words, will retch from you every raw emotion and make you wish there were more like him.

A Passage Back 

12 yr old ball player

Published by Vinspire Publishing

A Passage Back Reviews

Chase Watson has just attended his mother’s funeral. Forty-something, married, two grown children. He asks his son and daughter to hit a few balls on the ball field he played on as a kid, trying to to hang onto strands from his childhood, to make sense of the present. A rogue hit to third base careens off the corner of the plate striking Chase in the temple. He awakens in the lower bunk of the bed his shares with his younger brother Ricky…. thirty years ago.

Given a second chance to do what? Who could he tell that he was not twelve but forty-two? What would he change, if he could? Would any alteration change the whole future? Would his children be born? Would his mother have to die? Would he go back or have to relive his whole life over again

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