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Seven Wings to Glory is “full of elements that draw the reader in. [….] You will like the conscientious Johnnie and her friends and family so much that when you close the book, you might even seek out the first novel in the series, just so you don’t have to say goodbye.”

—Lisa Shirah-Hiers for Story Circle Book Reviews

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Seven Wings to Glory captures the mind, heart and soul of its heroine. Kathleen M. Rodgers’ gift of storytelling is extraordinary. She pens true emotions, and although her works are fictional, they portray genuine realities. Her words and writing style pluck at your heartstrings[….] The theme throughout the story is faith. No matter what happens, or how bad life seems—never surrender your hope. Do whatever it takes to survive and then move on. With each word, the story becomes more earnest and heartfelt. Seven Wings to Glory is a novel that you don’t want to end.”

—Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite Reviews


An outstanding sequel to Johnnie Come Lately! For those of us who got wrapped up in Johnnie Kitchen’s life and worried about her family incessantly, Seven Wings to Glory picks up right where JCL left off, so we don’t miss a thing! Rodgers wrings every emotion from you, making you laugh one moment and tear-up the next. Well done.

  • CJ Loiacono