Bred to the Bone: Deadly Secrets at Hunter’s Mill Reviews

Published by Open Road Integrated Media – release date 12/6/22

Bred to the Bone Amazon Reviews

Great Mystery in the Ozarks

Kenneth W. Brown “ozarkuncle” (Springfield, MO)

GREAT READ–KEEP IT COMIN’. First time user of a Kindle reader, I had a little trouble getting in a rhythm early on in the book, but this mystery novel just kept building in suspense and substance until I couldn’t put it away until finished. Lin Waterhouse “gets it” with regard to the Ozarks culture both today and a hundred years ago. Her non-fiction West Plains Dance Hall Explosion demonstrated her respect for the history, culture and people of the Ozarks. That came through again in this first novel. All her characters (Caroline, Terry, Elsie, Oren, Tolman, Ida Jean, and Arlen), are actually not unlike people you will find in the Ozarks. The uninitiated should know that the present-day Ozarks residents are a cross-section of natives, non-natives, book smart, woods smart, rich and poor. They all find a way to get along. When they don’t, their story either ends up in Roberta’s newspaper or hidden deeply in the woods. I feel sure that the secrets yielded in this novel are fictional but both Lin and this reader know the hills hold so many secrets. May her literary career never leave the Ozarks locale. Keep it comin’, Lin

When I started reading this novel, I could relate to Caroline in so many ways. It was almost voyeuristic. The VW Bug, reinventing herself again, and cautious, almost cantankerous new neighbors she has to win over or else. On top of everything else, she is working part-time at the mill (the one I’ve actually visited, which made it ever so much more real) and comes across information someone is willing to kill for in order to keep it a secret. WOW! I could not put it down! I especially liked the snake that hung out in the attic of the mill. Kinda cool to have serpent pest control. 🙂

— CJ Loiacono


Great Read!

By kaid

Due to Waterhouse’s skill, readers can hear distinct voices in the conversations. No lags in this book, which is fast paced, well written with good descriptions and believable characters. Highly recommend. 

Bred to Entertain!

By sparky (Bessemer, Alabama United States)

Bred to the Bone by Lin Waterhouse is an excellent book. Like the main character, Caroline, the author retired and moved to her husband’s old family home in the Ozarks. In Bred to the Bone, the Ozarks and the inhabitants come alive! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and trying to solve the mystery of the heinous murder of an anthropology professor. I imagined the type of information that could be in the all-important Mill Papers, and though I was partly right, there was still enough mystery to keep the book moving along at a brisk and steady pace. It’s a great read!

Ozarks come alive

By Big Fan

I have spent almost no time in the Ozarks and only know the area through stereotype and sentimentality. Lin Waterhouse’s book seems to take me inside the real Ozarks through the eyes of a thoughtful and sensitive newcomer as the narrator. With affection, humor and just a touch of the urban sophisticate’s scorn for some the backwardness of the place and its people, she makes me feel as if I’ve lived there myself. Wonderfully crafted writing and storytelling wrapped in a fine little mystery. Looking forward to reading her next book. 

I Couldn’t Put It Down

By Ozarkian

Being raised in the Ozarks, I felt right at home with this book. I enjoyed the colloquial Ozarks language and culture woven into the story. I pictured myself in the beauty and magnificence of the Ozark hills and hollers surrounding a historic grist mill. The descriptive writing was picturesque all the way down to the ingenuity, knowledge and folklore of the Ozarkians. It was fast paced and full of twists and turns. It’s a right fine piece o’ work. 

Bred to the Bone 

By Amazon Customer

This book grabbed me from the beginning and surprised me at the end. Living in the Ozarks, I recognized many of the descriptions of the landscape, roads, weather and, yes, some of the people upon whom she based her characters. I believe Hunter’s Mill was a combination of the five mills in the area plus some added imagination. I highly recommend this book.


By Janet K. Gallagher “Word Crafter” (MO,USA)

Lin Waterhouse a member of Ozarks Writer’s League that meets at the College of the Ozarks, near Branson, has created a great fictional story of life in the Ozarks. Lin’s book, BRED TO THE BONE: DEADLY SECRETS AT HUNTER’S MILL is a fast paced read with unusual storyline. The beauty of the Ozarks is brought out and interesting insights to people make this a book to be on the top of your TBR (To Be Read) list. Mystery can be fun, with a few unexpected twists. Enjoyed Reading this book. I think you will, too. 

So true to the area

By ray

Really a good book I found people throughout that were so like someone I had known. The story moved along and had that mystery to it.

Loved it

By Carolyn Cook (Long Beach, WA United States)

This was a very well written book and I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading more of her work. 

Bone-Chilling Good!!!

By Hallie Horne

Lin Waterhouse knows how to lure and capture my heart every time. When I told Lin that I was wanting to read a good mystery, she said that she already had one for me, and all I can say is… Spooky! I became hooked from the very first page! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery like me! Lin, please continue to capture my heart with another good mystery.

Ending surprised me

By Sharon (Alabama, USA)

This is a great mystery. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning. I highly recommend this book.

reeaally slow

By Margaret

The vast majority of the story is the minute of a very ordinary routine for a confusing number of minor characters. Only well over half way though the book does the brief appearance of the murder victim occur, and it’s solution seems to happen in just about 40 pages.

Mystery Surrounds Hunter’s Mill. Who Done it?

By JudyAnn Lorenz “cherokee1234” (Ozarks of SW Missouri, United States)

The close knit culture of the Ozarks dominates the story Lin Waterhouse is spinning around an historic mill permeated with death, romance and newcomers.

You won’t realize you’re being transported into a page-turning suspense adventure as you enjoy the easy camaraderie of the newcomer characters while they endure the barbs of some of the natives who resist their inclusion.

Hunter’s Mill is a favorite with tour groups and has deep roots in the community. Restoration is costly— how will they manage to raise the money?

What is the mystery of the contents in the old safe found in the attic of the mill? Who is threatened by the secrets kept in the safe?

Through all of the story true love, family, pure character stand together with the genuine value and love for the Ozarks held by each character, new and old. As the story unwinds, the characters move to their respective corners and make their hostile moves. But by the finish, they’ve all found that bond built through common ideals. They become community without newcomer or old timer.

The bad guys get their just desserts! Some of the good guys lose. Everything you need to make a moving story that you are glad to have read, especially if you can envision the scenery and surroundings — hey, this is the neighborhood! Maybe you’ve even toured Hunter’s Mill!

Bred to the Bone is a very well-written book. The plot makes sense and tracks through the story with no dropped threads. The editors did well with their proofreading; I found no typos. I read the book on my Kindle Fire and will be reviewing it at Ozarks Mystique. 

Great read

By kay tuck

This is another one that kept me on edge not knowing who or why. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great mystery.

Historical fiction  By FranYo

This reads as though it was a factual history about one of the many mills in the Ozarks. Fast-paced & fun to read, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Area descriptions & characters were fully fleshed out & vivid, making this a great vacation book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.

I hope to read more by this author!

Great debut into the series, November 24, 2012

By KDeiser

This is a great debut into more cozy mysteries by this author. Waterhouse writes with an eye for detail and a heart for people. Bred to the Bone takes the reader into the life of a newcomer who only wants to fit in, but all too soon uncovers secrets that put her in danger. Can’t wait to read more about Caroline!

Couldn’t put it down

By Greg

I really enjoyed this book. The writing was well done and the character descriptions were perfect. I felt like I could see and hear the characters. I’m looking forward to reading more of Lin Waterhouse’s books.

Very Enjoyabe Read!

By AZ Clare

Nothing better than a great book!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The character development was very good and the plot kept me wanting to get back to it whenever I had to stop reading. I’m looking forward to Ms. Waterhouse’s next book.

Having been to the Ozarks and seen the mill this story is based on, I was so excited when I found out there was a book coming out about it, I had to have it. I snatched the ebook and cannot wait for the print version to come out. It reminded me of Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote. There has to be a series! 🙂

  • J Loiacono