The Ghost of Timmy Wahl Reviews

The Ghost of Timmy Wahl Amazon Reviews

I will admit that the title immediately grabbed my interest. The Ghost of Timmy Wahl is one of those books difficult to put down once you begin reading. The author vividly describes the setting in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri so well one can almost smell the trees. The story moves quickly. It does not do in-depth description of the characters but those descriptions are not missed. The reader is left knowing their character by their deeds.

  • Pam Weimann


After reading Bred to the Bone, I had to read all Lin Waterhouse has ever written, then Timmy Wahl came out. Oh, my! The Ghost of Timmy Wahl is the best one yet. Sends chills, keeps you turning pages, and makes you want more. And, it is based on a little boy named Judson Warden and his dog. That boy really did die in the mill. Her nonfiction The West Plains Dance Hall Explosion is written as if it plays out on a movie screen. Well done. All the Waterhouse works are exemplary.
— CJ Loiacono