Michael Infinito

Michael Infinito, hailed as the next Stephen King, is a published novelist. Author of over a hundred short stories and an is award-winning poet, his books have received heavy praise from readers. Often called “The Twist Master” by author friends, he entertains us with unexpected misdirection and the mixing of a little history with a touch of supernatural. From horror, to paranormal romance, through his words, we are taken where his imagination wills.

A resident of Coastal North Carolina, Michael is continuously adding to his list of works. Having won awards for his short stories, and gained poetry accolades as well, Infinito is a novelist and short story writer who grew up in New Jersey but now resides under the clear, blue skies of Eastern North Carolina. With a life-long passion for the literary arts, his goal has always been to create compelling stories people will not want to put down.  www.michaelinfinito.com www.wizardofotin.blogspot.com . Remember – a patriotic poem, lest we forget, will pull at your heartstrings.


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In Blog We Trust

Throughout history, people have sold their souls to the dark side in order to make their selfish wishes come true. With the dawn of the computer age, the ritual continued. Rock stars, race car drivers, and even politicians find their fame and fortune with the help of a new and mesmerizing, evil website. Little did these people know what price they would pay for the use of its services.

When Carrie Palmer, a frustrated housewife, logs onto the website and enters an angry comment about her husband, a chain of events begins to unfold that no one could have ever predicted. Now she must put two and two together and try to solve the riddle of the killer blog before it is too late.

With the clock ticking, and the fate of other people hanging in the balance, Carrie’s only hope lies twelve hundred miles away in New Orleans. But will she make it there before their time runs out, or will her worst nightmare become a reality?


Psychological thriller

XXXtreme Discretion shows us just how dangerous the world of casual internet dating can be. Non-stop suspense with a touch of supernatural involvement and unexpected twists every step of the way. A shocking, raw, and powerful juggernaut that puts a new twist on common abduction tales.

In the dictionary, under the definition of the word ‘psychopath,’ there should be a picture of Dwight Barnes, a self-made business man whose success was born out of his twisted desire to fulfill a secret promise to a lost loved one.

When Roxbury, New Jersey detectives, Monica Ross and Mike D’Tavio, discover their case involving a missing woman might be linked to three others in the nearby area, all traceable to a casual affair dating site known as “XXXtreme Discretion,” they try to fit the puzzle pieces together with little success… until Ross spirals into what appears to be a hopeless situation of pain and suffering, leading to an unexpected ending that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.



The Colby Ghost

Ghosts, reincarnation, true love and belief beyond this life, Infinito writes a love story BETTER than The Notebook, Somewhere in Time, The Sixth Sense and The Reincarnation of Peter Proud combined. Yeah, he really does! Think of Big or Peggy Sue Got Married, both adult with teenage protagonists who are really adults. But unlike those, Miles and Diane are clueless, having to put all the unbelievable puzzle pieces together. It took faith, trust, belief, determination, and perseverance.

Sixteen-year-old Miles Hanson has been to Oak Lake every summer for as long as he can remember. Hiking alone, he climbs a cliff and sits to admire the water below when a girl his age wearing a well-worn dress appears from nowhere. She tells him things about himself he has never shared with anyone…and also of their future. Coming to him many times during his stay, she reminds him that she cannot reveal everything “as they have to stick to the plan.”

Past, present, and future intertwine in a braid that is stronger than either will know until the end—or is it the beginning?

The whole time I am reading it, I am saying to myself, “It can’t be!” He does a dang good job of putting in the breadcrumbs where you least expect it, leading you on like the Little Red Hen to the very last word. I think it could be considered YA, NA, and Adult. There are racey scenes and some profanity, which without would not be realistic nor further the plot.




Mixing some lost religious theory with elements of deception, possession, intrigue, and shocking plot twists, this thriller will have you wondering where the real evil lies. Infinito keeps you on the edge of your seat with your jaw dropped and question marks flickering around in your head with every turn of the page.

When Violet Dotson has a dream of a snake eating her child, she miscarries yet again. At the same time, in Ashville, North Carolina, a mother of two kills her children and commits suicide. The connection between the two is J.C., a man who is found at the scene of the crime and will only say, “I am the son of God.” His plan has been set in motion and his clueless victims will do his bidding…right down to giving birth to his heir.

The time has been set…12:19


Historical, paranormal

The Hanging Tree. A fast-paced ghost story that chronicles the histories of two post-Civil War American families and their struggle to break free from the stigma of slavery. Divided by race, their separate journeys over several generations are thrilling, suspenseful, triumphant, and sometimes tragic. The Hanging Tree will have you crying and cheering at the same time, and may just cause you to sleep with a light or two on at night.

When South Carolina Plantation owner Samuel Worthington liberates his slaves, he offers them some land in exchange for their continued service. His best worker, Jeffrey, accepts the deal and begins building a life for his freed family.

Upon Samuel’s death, everything changes. His son, Jake, alters the agreement, setting in motion a destructive pendulum that swings relentlessly for generations to come. Inhabited by ghosts of a dead rice plantation, the fertile land serves as a battleground in the war between greedy, ruthless men, and the spirits of its rightful owners. You’s on my land.

Two plantation families, both torn apart by injustice and bigotry, branch out away from their roots and struggle to make it into the early twentieth century. Through World War I, Prohibition, and the modernization of America, the South Carolina land and its ghosts remain common ground in a prolonged chess match between the two clans. Unfortunately, neither family can ever fully prosper unless all the stray pieces find their rightful place and balance is restored… but justice proves elusive in the shadow of America’s darkest social blemish.

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