Murder in Caney Fork Reviews

Murder in Caney Fork is very well written and is one of those stories that you find yourself caught up in. It was a story on life in the south in the 40’s and of a young man injured in the war that returns home and tries to build a life in his home town. The dynamics of the relationships of the characters and the culture made for a very interesting and enjoyable book. This book has it all…from romance to murder to family loyalty. Wally Avett is a fantastic storyteller. I look forward to reading more from him.

Dee Smith


More, Wally, More!!!,

By Jeanie

Wally is a born story-teller who pulled me into the story from the first paragraph. Set in a time of great change, WWII, everyone is struggling with loss, survival and starting over. Coming home is never the same after living moment to moment, but Wes did not expect to have to take up arms and protect his family. Wally writes this to where your heart races and you go to bed unable to remove the characters from your mind. Bravo! I heard he has several others in the pipeline. I want more!

A love story, a mystery, and an ethical drama by one great down home story teller

By Bill Baker

Jump on this one! Wally Avett’s one of the best story tellers I have seen in a dog’s age, and this novel, full of the down home stories I hope all of you heard at one time or another from your mom and dad, your grandparents or your uncles and aunts.

But this is also a love story, a mystery, and an ethical drama.
What do you do about a man who has killed and raped women and is still free, a nasty bully who threatens almost all he meets?

And if the law does nothing about him, do you take matters into your own hands?

I am looking forward to future books by Wally Avett – a great story teller and one terrific writer.


By jojo

Wally is a personal friend of my brother’s and I was so impatient to read his latest book and I was not disappointed. Excellent read.

Good Read!!!!!! Great Plot

By Lara

Buy Murder in Caney Fork! Great story from a great southern storyteller. Authentic dialogue, loved it. Felt like I had time-traveled to small town American setting. Read in one session, could not put it down. Can’t wait for his next book due out later this year.

Classic storyline of old school justice!

By Robert

Small town justice taken out on a well-deserved bully in rural eastern North Carolina during post WWII era. Great story of a local war hero that returns to his hometown to discover that most things have not changed a whole lot with the exception of a rough and tough bully who threatens and intimidates everyone he comes in contact with. Wes discovers that not long after he comes home from the war that he is soon involved in a tight spot with two of his beloved uncles. Each uncle has their own way of delivering justice. Wally Avett describes the era, language, and way of life for this time frame in a small southern country town to the letter! This a must read for all of those folks who really appreciate an extremely well put together story with a little something in it for all types of book readers. Pick this one up – you will not be disappointed!

community and small town feel

By Amber Hubler

I enjoyed the cultural aspects of a small community in the 1940’s. The author magnificently articulated the bond that exists among rural America. The story has the potential to interest a wide ranging audience.

More Wally Avett books…Please,

By Chris Hendley

Great Book. Loved the characters and the way Wally Avett painted the scenes. Very John Grisham like. Can’t wait for the next Wally Avett book to come out.

The literary world has a new star story teller!

By Fred

Great development of characters and plot! It’s a great story of family and the loyalty that runs deeply within those branches. Creates strong moral dilemmas for the reader to ponder. Thought provoking and entertaining. Perfect book for weekend readers!

Small southern town action!

By Nailed Book Club(NBC)- in GA/NC/TN area

Living in the N E GA/W NC Mountains, I can certainly relate to these characters as if they were walking down the street in our small town. They come alive and realistically go about their days as you’d expect in a southern town in America. Wes, a wounded soldier coming home near the end of WWII, tries to settle back into his ‘normal’ environment on his return. Post war direction is needed and he chooses to become an apprentice in his uncle’s law firm. Being part of a southern lawyer’s cases delves him into suspense and mysteries, some surrounding those he loves…family. Justice is dealt with a little differently in the South and if the law doesn’t get the job done, then others will band together and take action deemed necessary. Certainly being thrust into multiple thrilling events opens the protagonists’ eyes into the world he is now surrounded by. Starting over can sometimes be thrilling, and call into focus that which you must deal with one incident at a time!

“Nailed” Book Club read Murder in Caney Fork during July, 2014, and the author spoke to our group. Having the author firsthand to advise his concept, intent, character development and weaving of the tale was certainly an advantage to our book club members. Many questions were answered and a thorough understanding of this story resulted.
Thank you Mr. Avett! We look forward to reading your next novel due out this year. Continued success on your writing career.
NBC members gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

A real page turner, leaving me thirsting for more.

By Katie O’Hare

Authentic use of language and description of people & customs of the time made it an enjoyable read. The murder & trial were believable in that setting.
I look forward to reading more by this author.


By Joan Carringer “author”

I enjoyed the book and the great storyline, but was disappointed in some of the language, which I didn’t expect. I thought the ending came sort of abruptly, like more should have been added leading up to it. But, all in all, I really did enjoy reading it.

Riveting Read!

By Patricia Kephart

I love everything about this first novel. The time period is near the end of WWII, and the setting is eastern North Carolina where isolated southern communities still deal with questions of survival, morality, and conscience as the war winds to an end. The main character is a young soldier wounded and returning to his home town, where relatives take him in and help him to sort out his future. He begins studying law in his uncle’s law office, but soon is faced with a moral dilemma that may cost him his life! The rustic characters are presented and developed with fascinating skill, and the story itself is riveting, especially the courtroom drama, which is authentic and highly entertaining! Mr. Avett is an awesome storyteller, and I am impatiently awaiting his next novel.

How one lived or died in the south, and how justice could be fraught with moral dilemma, the language and setting.

Good Read with a Twist

By pat davis

Good read! Keeps you on your toes and has a twist that is different from most murder mysteries. I could hardly put this book down. The characters are well developed and realistic. The plot is pretty amazing. Everything in this book breathes authenticity. Loved it!

Cannot put it down!

By Lee Crews

You are hooked the first page. I’m a 5 ‘th Gen. Fla. flat lander from the swamps, Avett’s dead on, with the likes of Grisham & Childs. More books please, Lee C.

Five Stars

By bobwri6

Good book; lots of local flavor.