Rasheed Mohammed


With a background in accounting for the past thirty years, this is Rasheed Mohammed’s inaugural literary venture, his insight into the human element through psychological anecdote, prose, and quotes from famous philosophers is enlightening and profound. He is currently writing Things to Ponder, an assortment of eye-opening one-liners featuring six themed subjects:

Life Truths


Pockets of Insight – Life-affirming observations in five minutes or less! (available for acquisition)

Pockets of Insight was created to give ‘voice’ to many of the innovative thinkers and reformers of the past and present whose candid observations and conclusions about life and the human experience lay dormant and unattended among the vast assortment of books, magazine articles, and web pages. How convenient would it be to have a sampling of their ‘takes on life,’ categorized by subject, simply written, requiring little reading, and not blemished by gratuitous jargon? Gratifying, practical, common sense solutions to many of life’s social challenges in five minutes or less. Take away solid authoritative advice and wisdom of the ages that makes you say to yourself, “How wonderful! I am so glad I read this and feel motivated to become a better person because of it!”

“A writer does the most who gives his reader the most knowledge and takes from him the least time.” (Charles Caleb Colton, Pulitzer prize author). Pockets of Insight succeeds in doing both.

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