Cup of Blood…Bread of Salvation Reviews

Cup of Blood… Bread of Salvation

Published by Open Road Integrated Media (release 12/20/22)

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The last of The Dark Ages Saga of Tristan de Saint-Germain, Cup of Blood…Bread of Salvation, starts with a BANG! and never lets up. All the twists and turns, backed up by historical fact, and all the characters you have grown to love since book one, Promise of the Black Monks, satisfy all your appetite for drama and desire to know what happens to them all. Every emotion is taxed and then relieved. Hirsch does an outstanding job with plot, fleshing out each character’s strengths and weakness, and seeing through everyone’s eyes, allowing you to hear, see, and smell as if you were right there. I humbly thank Hirsch for his grand finale. Bravo! The whole series is worth every minute of your spare time: Promise of the Black Monks, Hammer of God, A Horde of Fools, God’s Scarlet Fury, and now Cup of Blood…Bread of Salvation. I highly recommend them all!

— CJ Loiacono