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Thomas E. Simmons, 85, of Gulfport MS has taken the last flight West in the company of his family on March 16, 2022.

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Thomas E. Simmons grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi, attended Marion Military Institute, the U. S. Naval Academy, the University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Alabama. Tom was once the commercial captain of a seventy-foot sailing vessel, has been a pilot since the age of sixteen, (3000 plus hours in the air), has flown professionally, and participated in air shows flying aerobatics in open-cockpit bi-planes. In the late 1950s, he served as an artillery officer in Korea. He is the author of The Man Called Brown CondorForgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and AirEscape from ArchangelBy Accident of BirthThe Last Quinn Standing, and the last of the Quinn Trilogy, No Promise for Tomorrow. He has also written numerous magazine articles, an example of which, “Growing Up with Mr. Faulkner,” was published in The Oxford American, a literary magazine founded by John Grisham.

By Accident of Birth 

Published by Open Road Integrated Media  By Accident of Birth Reviews

By Accident of Birth is an epic account of the life of Bethany Quinn, based on a true story. Simply put, one of the best manuscripts I have had the privilege of reading and representing.

A most incredible life and tragic end begins in 1915 as Bethany Quinn receives a call from the British Crown saying she is in possession of a cache of arms stored in her sugar mill warehouse in Cuba. An era she thought long past is resurrected in the last “special cargo” shipment to England to aid the allies in WWI. In preparation for the trip, she re-reads her mother’s and Dr. Perkins diaries which brings us to that fate-filled day in 1863 and takes us on a journey we will never forget…

During the siege of Vicksburg July 1863, sixteen year old Annielise Quinn is shot by a stray bullet which had passed through the groin of a confederate soldier and lodged itself in her pelvis nicking her uterus, thus impregnating her. The only persons to know of the “bullet baby” were her immediate family and Dr. Perkins. Two year old Beverly Bethany Quinn is the only survivor when a trio of crazed Yankees slaughters her family. Having been hid in a basket by her mother, Annielise, she is found by the Quinn’s nanny, Arabella, and taken to be raised by Dr. Perkins in Vicksburg, and subsequently her Uncle Jonathan who lives in Cuba.

Wars, love, friendships, tragedies, clandestine shipments and harrowing escapes – life.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the events mentioned in this manuscript did actually take place. An Appendix, Facts of Interest and Note to Readers list the documentation, bibliography, and newspaper articles to authenticate Simmons’ research.

The Last Quinn Standing – Book Two of the Quinn Saga

Published by Open Road Integrated Media

The Last Quinn Standing Reviews

When the Lusitania is torpedoed and sunk, taking with it his beloved aunt, Beverly Bethany Quinn, Ansel Quinn finds he is the last of his family line. Her diary, coupled with Europe on the brink of WWI, sets off a chain of events, sending  Ansel on an epic quest for honor and self.

Wilson had vowed to keep America out of another war. Ansel had sworn to serve his country. Fate’s cards trumped them all.

From rural Mississippi to the trenches of Verdun, no one is who they say they are, nor will anything ever be the same again.


No Promise for Tomorrow, the third and final story of the Quinn Saga

Published by Open Road Integrated Media  No Promise for Tomorrow Reviews

In 1917, when all the world was waiting with bated breath to see if the United States would come the rescue of Europe, Lt. Ansel Quinn is assigned to the French Army Headquarters in Paris as a neutral observer. This sets off an unimaginable chain of events affecting his new wife, Isabel, in international intrigue, and a family’s struggles across the twenty short years between the end of World War I, a period that includes the influenza epidemic, the roaring twenties, prohibition, the great depression, and the start of World War II.

The Man Called Brown Condor  –  Gold Medal Winner Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) 2015


The Man Called Brown Condor cover art

Published by Skyhorse Publishing

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The Man Called Brown Condor Reviews

The Man Called Brown Condor is the biography of John Charles Robinson, known in the media of the 1930s as The Brown Condor of Ethiopia. This is the true story of Robinson’s struggles to overcome the racial prejudice that all but closed the field of aviation to Blacks. His outstanding success in accomplishing his dream of flying, his influence toward the establishment of a school of aviation at Tuskegee Institute (there would have been no Tuskegee Airmen without him) and his courageous wartime service in Ethiopia during the Italian invasion in 1935 are brought to life.

It was during Robinson’s service to Ethiopia that he took to the air in opposition to the first Fascist invasion of what would become World War II. This remarkable American Hero may have been the first American to oppose Fascism in combat.

Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and Air

Published by Taylor Trade/Rowman and Littlefield Publishing

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Forgotten Heroes Reviews   MWSA Dispatches Magazine Winter 2017


Congratulations to the 2016 MWSA Book Awards Winners!



Stay the Rising Sun – Phil Keith – BRONZE

Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and AirTom Simmons – GOLD

Military Writers Society of American Gold Medal Winner 2016

This is a ‘must have’ book. Available everywhere books are sold.

Forgotten heroes, they truly are. Men of honor, integrity, and perseverance, love of God, country, and family who fought on many fronts and survived to tell their stories – stories of horrors seen which live on forever in their minds and hearts. These veterans are slowly “crossing to the other side” to be greeted by those who have long been there – welcomed with open arms. Men and women you share combat and service time with, you never forget, especially those you see take their last breath. These are the personal accounts that will live with you till the end of time.

Simmons Bell O'Keefe Russell Author, Thomas E. Simmons and the last three remaining contributors to Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and Air

Harry Bell – “Present and Accounted For,” story #9 fought the Battle of the Bulge.  He was taken prisoner by the Germans and marched 60 miles without food in freezing weather to a rail junction. Men who fell out were shot.  When he was liberated by U. S. troops he weighed just 90 pounds, but had nursed his prison squad through the ordeal making sure meager rations were shared and blankets loaned to the sick.  Too weak to walk, Harry crawled out to the U.S. tank commander who knocked down the prison gate, was helped to his feet, saluted and proudly reported his entire prison squad, “All present and accounted for.”

Jerry O’Keefe – “A Long Way to Okinawa,” story #15 wanted to fly fighters. He enlisted in the Marines, was finally accepted for flight training only to be assigned to transports.  Risking courts-martial, he used every trick in the book to finally get assigned to fighters, first to Wild Cats for training and then worked his way into a new Corsair squadron.  He was sent to the Pacific in time to participate in the invasion of Okinawa. Nothing was easy on the long path to become a fighter pilot.  Jerry proved his worth becoming a Marine Fighter Ace.

and Oscar Russell – “The Amphib Sailor,” story #7 was one of the very few who served in both the landings on D-day at Omaha Beach, Normandy, France and then in the Pacific for support of landings on Okinawa and anti-Kamikaze picket duty.   

Forgotten Heroes book cover

Amazon new and used of the original edition

Escape from Archangel


(Featured story in Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers Land, Sea and Air)

Published by University Press of Mississippi   Amazon Reviews for Escape from Archangel

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During World War II, merchant marine tankers in convoys plied the frozen North Atlantic through the flaming wreckage of torpedoed ships. Working to keep sea lanes open, valiant merchant seamen supplied food, fuel, and goods to the Allies in the last pockets of European resistance to the Nazis.

This exciting book acknowledges that the merchant marines, all volunteers, are among the unsung heroes of the war. One of these was Jac Smith, an ordinary seamen on the Cedar Creek, a new civilian tanker lend-leased to the U.S.S.R. and in the merchantman convoy running from Scotland to Murmansk. Smith’s riveting adventures at sea and in the frozen taigas and tundra are a story of valor that underlines the essential role of merchant marines in the war against the Axis powers.

This gripping narrative tells of a cruel blow that fate dealt Smith when, after volunteering to serve on the tanker headed for Murmansk, he was arrested and interned in a Soviet work camp near Arkhangelsk.

Escape from Archangel recounts how this American happened to be imprisoned in an Allied country and how he planned and managed his escape. In his arduous 900-mile trek to freedom, he encountered the remarkable Laplanders of the far north and brave Norwegian resistance fighters. While telling this astonishing story of Jac Smith and of the awesome dangers merchant seamen endured while keeping commerce alive on the seascape of war, Escape from Archangel brings long-deserved attention to the role of the merchant marine and their sacrifices during wartime.

“Lord Do You Listen When A Warrior Prays?”

© 2005 Thomas E. Simmons

A US Navy corpsman gives a drink of water to an injured Marine, during the Battle of Guam, August 1944. (Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A US Navy corpsman gives a drink of water to an injured Marine, during the Battle of Guam, August 1944. (Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

I ‘m a U.S. soldier twenty-four seven

I worry can a warrior get to heaven?

I’m far from home and scared most days.

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

Back home, I’m told, not many are sure

that what we are doing is worth this tour.

Some say it’s our fault this land’s ablaze

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

Some say we fight for a peoples’ freedom

Others that it’s all for political reason

But the children greet us with hope in their gaze

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

I’m trained to kill and kill I do

But the boy beside me is bleeding too

I tell him help’s just a little ways

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

I hold him, try to smile but he’s all bloody

Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, you’re my buddy

But his eyes don’t focus, he’s in a daze

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

I hand him over to a combat medic

They are the heroes, deserve all the credit

Back to the fight, my rifle I raise

Lord, do you listen when a warrior prays

They volunteered to serve the U.S.A.

As long as they’re needed they’re gonna’ stay

It’s always young soldiers that lead the way

Please Lord listen when our warriors pray.

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