LLA @ GAYA 2016

Although we did not place in the wins this year, all the LLA authors nominated were superstars!

GWA poster

Buzz Books and Johns Linda's book

Buzz Bernard’s four books and John House’s Trail of Deceit  Linda Case’ The Fugitive’s Sister

Linda Jeanie Shannon Linda Case

Linda Case, Jeanie Loiacono, Shannon Gober      Linda holding her memoir

Linda and Jeanie Laura

Linda Case and Jeanie Loiacono       Laura Pantelakis, Jeanie’s daughter/graphic artist

John Jeanie and Pam Chris and Buzz 2

John House, Jeanie Loiacono, Pam House             Chris and Buzz Bernard

John and Pam 2 Holly and Jack

John and Pam House                                                    Holly McClure and Jack Gonzales

GWA memebers 2 Atlanta Writer’s Club members