Loiacono Literary Agency takes on John Flynn’s fifth novel in the Kate Dawson series, Merchants of Death!

When a BART subway car arrives at its destination, with twenty-four passengers all dead, Kate Dawson must find out what killed them and who is responsible for their deaths. Her investigation takes her from the treacherous back streets of Chinatown to a luxurious Chateau nestled in the Northern California hills, and from a lavish horse race track to a perilous underground lair. She is pitted against a young rival who covets her job, a twisted but wealthy brother and sister duo who deal in illegal arms and drugs, and a deadly group of U.S. Army deserters, known as Task Force Red. The story twists and turns its way through the streets of San Francisco to a thrilling climax aboard a runaway train loaded with a deadly toxin headed to Game #1 of the World Series, where the President of the United States is schedule to throw the first pitch.

Dr. John L. Flynn is the author of over twenty-one works. From 2002 to 2004, he was nominated for three Hugo Awards for his science fiction writing. John also received an honorable mention for his unproduced screenplay for The Jovian Dilemma in the 2003 Screenplay Festival writing competition. His first novel, Intimate Bondage was published by BelleBooks. The other three in the series, Architects of ArmageddonMurder on Air Force One, and Terror at G-20 are published by Argus Publishing. Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency