Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Randall Brown’s Men of Valor- A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood!

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Randall Brown’s Men of Valor– A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood!

Society is failing to provide men direction for their growth to manhood. Men of Valor– A Roadmap to Courageous Manhood delivers a practical, easy-to-follow roadmap.

The definition of Valor is acting with great courage when facing danger or challenges. This book provides guidance to men interested in a path to courageous manhood with straightforward examples. Men do not have clear guidelines and expectations for attaining manhood in our culture. Society has moved on from preparing boys to become men. Manhood is either not discussed positively, or it is vague, prescribing more what not to do rather than what should be done. Men of Valor, aka MOV, fills this void with a straightforward approach providing men of all ages a roadmap to courageous manhood. Culture tells men to be soft and compliant, which doesn’t prepare them for the world outside their parents’ care, or it tells them through music and social media to use women for sex and leave them like water bottles littered throughout their lives. There is a much more positive, effective path of integrity. This book calls men to this higher level of expectations with specific recommendations and exercises.

Randall Brown is a successful IT Executive in the Federal and Commercial consulting space. He has led teams of over 150 people growing businesses and delivering federal solutions across many Federal and Commercial customers. As a father of three boys and two girls, with the youngest recently eclipsing the age of eighteen, he reflects on the messaging he provided his children, where it could have been better, and the most essential points for manhood. He shares stories from his childhood that he endured and how they impacted his approach as a husband and father. The knowledge he wishes he had as both an adolescent male, as a husband, and father is shared in this book. His personal stories explaining his lack of good modeling in his own home are transparent and relatable to men young and old alike. The easy-to-understand lessons provided in the book should be taught by our schools and families to young men on their journey to manhood. They inform men of age-old expectations that are still relevant in this culture.

Brown is represented by Jeanie Loiacono, Loiacono Literary Agency.