Philip Levin’s novel, The Tides of Mississippi is now available!!

Philip Levin’s novel, The Tides of Mississippi is now available!!


A drama of family tragedy, upheaval, forgiveness and renewal set on the post-Katrina Mississippi coast, it is a very poignant story many will be able to relate to; possibly imitating their own healing process.


The Tides of Mississippi tells of an American family devastated by the shooting death of the seventeen-year-old daughter, Jenny.  The father, Rick, flees the nightmares of Chicago to refuge on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Andy is admitted to the psych ward for marijuana-induced schizophrenia and Rick has him discharged AMA, bringing him to live in Biloxi. Rick falls in love with Andy’s counselor and new teacher, a multi-generation Southerner wary of Yankees. The sixteen-year-old Andy must deal with the loss of his sister, a dramatic change in his culture, as well as a psychiatric issue. When the mother, Mallory, comes down to try to remake the family, she reveals a dark secret about Rick that throws Andy into a crisis.  Rick must decide whether to give up his new love and life for Andy’s sake or risk the loss of son and livelihood.

Philip Levin’s passion for writing and photography has led him to exotic locations around the globe, inspiring his production of seventeen published books in multiple genres, such as his murder mystery Inheritance (iUniverse, 2007)photo children books such as the African Ndovu the Elephant (Doctor’s Dreams Publishing, 2011), and his non-fiction anthologies on Mississippi history. He is the recipient of a number of awards. Shattered Lives, won first place in the 2008 NOLA RWA contest, the 2010 grand prize in the New Orleans Dixie Kane Classic contest, and second place in the 2012 Florida Writing Association’s Royal Palm.

After thirty-seven years as an emergency medical physician, Levin continues to serve as President of the Coast Counties Medical Society. He also maintains a position on the boards of the Mississippi State Medical Journal and is a delegate to the state convention and is also currently president of the Gulf Coast Writer’s Association. Levin lectures frequently and is very active on social media. Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency  Published by Argus Publishing