Reflect On Life With These 24 Captivating Books

Reflect On Life With These 24 Captivating Books

The finest books to meditate on the finite experience called Life.

What is life? What is life’s purpose? Why are we here? What are we meant to do? Does it even have a point? These are questions that have plagued most people during their lifetimes, in their most silent and contemplative moments.

Has anyone found a definitive answer to them? No, but some found enough insight to actually determine what to do with their lives. If such insight is what you look for, here are the best books to reflect about life.

#8 Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

From an Amazon reviewer of Searching for God in the Garbage: If anyone had it all, it was Joanne Singer. Attractive, intelligent, popular, Harvard grad, headed for greatness. So why was she obsessed with being thinner, more popular, especially with boys? Obsessions that took over her life. This important book is for anyone who is trying to find their way back to a place of equilibrium, to restore themselves to a life of real meaning.

Bracha Goetz 

Author of 37 books to help children’s souls shine: