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The Goetz Bookshop

Bracha Goetz’s children have created a book shop just for her books! How wonderful! You can get all of her books with just a tap of the mouse.

What a year! There’s so much to be grateful for in our lives! In the Goetz Bookshop family, we are especially appreciative of our health. Bring the gift of health to yourself and to your loved ones with our newest book, “Let’s Stay Healthy!”

In the 3 months that this fantastic book has been out, we have had such positive feedback from parents and professionals about the importance and impact of this book!

Let’s end off this year and start the brand new year by building healthy habits in all aspects of our lives!

A limited supply of “Let’s Stay Healthy” books have arrived in Israel! Get your copy today at either Shanky’s Judaica or at some of the Yefe Nof Bookstores (that sell English titles). We are excited to announce that our book will also be coming to Farm to Family this week!

Let’s Stay Healthy can be purchased in the US through our website, or at the growing list of bookstores listed on the website as well.

Please help us spread the word about this most important book. You can share this link with friends and family Let’s Stay Healthy.

We love your feedback! You can send us a video or a blurb about your family’s favorite parts of the book or how you have seen it make a difference too and let us know if we can share it with others! Our email is

Give your loved one the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, the gift of health, with this book.

May you be blessed with a happy and healthy year!

The Goetz Bookshop Family